Drinks and natural foods to relieve menstrual pain

Many of the girls suffer from pain and cause psychological distress, and food contributes significantly to ease the menstrual cycle and the accompanying troubles, and here are the most popular natural drinks and natural foods and herbs and its importance to ease the pain of the menstrual cycle.Natural drinks for the treatment of menstrual pain

Covered with cinnamon

Cinnamon dipped is one of the best drinks used to treat menstrual pain, so keep it warm.

Crab Drink

One of the best drinks recommended by doctors to relieve the pain of the menstrual cycle, eliminates the cramps associated with menstruation.


Ginger with lemon is the ideal choice for you. It is an analgesic for the menstrual cycle through increased blood flow during that period.


The hot hibiscus drink is a perfect drink for every girl or woman who suffers from pain during menstruation, and it clears it clearly and eliminates the back pain that accompanies it.


The pain of the menstrual cycle also eliminates the symptoms that accompany it such as inactivity and laziness.


Beware of drinking stimulant beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks as they increase menstrual pain.What foods relieve menstrual pain

A daily dose of chocolate during the period of the menstrual cycle, a box of dark chocolate stimulates secretions of serotonin – which gives you a good feeling High levels of cocoa in dark chocolate help you calm your nerves and to fight anxiety and adjust mood.

Your body needs this type of vegetable because it is rich in iron and vitamins, in addition to fibers that help your body to cope with the digestive problems that accompany the menstrual cycle.

At this time of the month, count on nuts as a snack. Nuts contain good fats and omega-3s.

Helps you cope with the digestive problems associated with the menstrual cycle. Many of them at this stage.

Just like fruit, fiber in whole grain bread can help you stay healthy, especially during this period of the month. Whole grains also include complex carbohydrates, which provide important minerals.

It is important to increase your iron intake during the menstrual period to make up for what you lost each month. A high iron diet helps to avoid anemia and the symptoms that can be associated with it. “Women who eat red meat are more able to get enough iron than food,” says Dr. Sharon Thomson, a gynecologist and obstetrician. “If you’re not a meat lover, Thomson will take an adequate share to keep the iron stock in your body.

It is a rich source of healthy fats that relieve menstrual pain

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