Drinking coffee damage to pregnant women

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks that many people accept as it is one of the most important stimulants, but some researchers have warned that it is harmful to pregnant women and their fetuses because they may expose women to abortion or having small children.

– The following will show you two studies were to take place to see the damage drinking coffee in pregnancy:
– study was conducted on a group of women had some of them eating the equivalent of four cups of coffee and may were more likely to abortion than women who did not take coffee or dealt with one cup only Therefore, it is preferable for pregnant women to reduce their intake of coffee during their first pregnancy in particular. 
– A study was conducted to determine the effects of the mother’s consumption of coffee on the weight of her children when they were placed. The study was conducted on a number of children whose mothers had coffee and others whose mothers did not eat coffee. The result was that children in the first case were smaller than Children in the second case.
The previous two studies show the effects of caffeine on the mother and the growth of her fetus and also proved that males are more sensitive to exposure to the risk of caffeine for females because they grow faster in the last period of pregnancy. 
Therefore, experts advise pregnant women to reduce their intake of coffee of all kinds to less than four cups every day. 
And other damage caused by coffee that it raises blood pressure and cause the poor mood of the mother and make them feel tired and the growth is less and has a defect in the heartbeat.
But the Center for Food Research in France has declared that drinking coffee benefits pregnant women and does not cause colon infection as is common and this result came after several years of research on a number of pregnant women Some of them drank coffee during pregnancy after To reduce the blood pressure by one cup a day and this has contributed to the removal of feeling nausea.

– We offer the following tips for you to reduce your coffee during your pregnancy and after you put:

– gradually reduce your intake of coffee, the first day I drink three cups if you drink four and so on. 
– Drink coffee instead of coffee, the type of decaffeinated coffee and you can add half of the amount of coffee and the other half of coffee decaffeinated coffee. 
– Never drink more than two cups of coffee every day and my argument is more caffeine 
– free . Consult your doctor to make sure that your coffee does not cause any health damage. 
It is true that caffeine does not significantly affect breastfeeding and that the amount of milk that reaches your baby is very low, but if you consume large amounts of it may cause the child to wake up and not want to breastfeed.

Take care of your health and the health of your fetus and do not make your love for coffee cause you to hurt and expose your son to danger Try to train yourself and remember that your health is more expensive than anything.

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