Dr. Jamal Al – Sakali ‘s recipe for anorexia

Many women suffer from the problem of excessive eating fast food and increase the intake of main meals, and the sense of laziness to exercise for the loss of excess weight, which increases the excessive weight and accumulation of fat and fat in different parts of the body, making them more prone to chronic obesity and cellulite And many diseases.

So many women resort to different recipes to help them get rid of excess weight and lose appetite to eat greedily to get a body attractive and attractive

– Here, Madam, we will give you the recipe of Dr. Jamal al-Saqli specialized in alternative medicine and herbs, which has been present to fill and loss of appetite, which has an effective ability to stabilize the level of sugar in the blood and eliminate the fat and fat accumulated on different parts of the body.

– Dr Jamal Al-Sakali’s prescription for the loss of appetite:

– the ingredients.

– One and a half cups of skimmed milk.

– Ten grains of fresh bitter almonds.

– A tablespoon of crushed cinnamon.

– A tablespoon of white honey.

– Half a medium banana.

– How to prepare.

– Add the banana, add the milk, honey and cinnamon, stir well and add almonds.

Dr Jamal Sakali ‘s Recipe for an Effective, Real and Effective Recipe, Results, Experienced and Corrected as a Dinner Dinner.

– It is recommended to take the recipe before the basic meals in half an hour to get the best results.

– Keep the breakfast light, it helps to feel full and not over-eat all day.

– Do morning exercises every day while working to think about eating.

– Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, low-calorie foods, rich in vitamins and get away from junk food.

– Stay away from soft drinks and beverages rich in caffeine and replace them with natural drinks and water.

– Keep walking every day for at least 45 minutes to burn the fat accumulated in the body and get a perfect weight.

– Eat slowly, which helps the body to feel full quickly and facilitate digestion of food properly.

– Control of nerves, emotions and negative emotions because many of the women are confronted with these attacks of obesity by eating too greedy.

In order to be graceful and glamorous, we have given you the best natural and proven recipe for Dr. Jamal Al-Saqali, a herbalist and alternative medicine who helps you lose appetite and burn excess body fat that keeps you from dieting to stay fit and fit.

We hope that the article gets your interest, and we will be happy with your questions and inquiries to find out what is going on.

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