Does the Quito food system work for both sexes?

The Quito diet is a diet designed to slimming and controlling blood sugar, and has been gaining success and attention in recent years. Quito depends on eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates, thus ensuring a sense of satiety to control the appetite, giving the body an opportunity to burn excess fat to get the need for calories, and thus lose weight.Quito achieves greater success in slimming women after menopause, and for men in general

The Quito system can not be relied upon for a long time. It helps in rapid slimming, but since most protein sources of animal origin can over time lead to increased cholesterol and triglycerides. 
But Quito can quickly lose weight, especially if it does some exercise, which speeds up the process of converting body fat into muscle. 
A recent study from the University of Iowa has sought to explore differences in the influence of the Quito system between men and women. 
The results showed that men in general lose weight better and faster than women when they follow the Quito diet, and postmenopausal women lose weight faster and more effectively than women who are still in infancy.

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