Doctors monitor what a necktie does with a human body


The necktie often symbolizes the elegance of a man and makes her wearable and respected in the workplace, but this elegance and professionalism are not without health consequences, according to experts.

Many people do not hide their grudges from the necktie, and earlier, the British businessman Richard Branson described it as a historical mistake, according to Business Insider.

Researchers from Kiel University Hospital in Germany studied the effects of wearing the necktie, and found that it negatively affects blood flow to the human brain.

The study was based on a sample of 15 men in the necktie and 15 others who did not wear them, and then conducted tests using magnetic resonance imaging devices to measure blood flow to the head.

Results showed that the brain of a person wearing a necktie received 7.5 percent less blood than a person who did not wear a tie.

The researchers attributed the decline in blood flow to tightening the necktie on what is known as carotid arteries, which carries the transfer of blood to the brain.

A 7.5 percent drop in blood flow is not a fatal risk, but people who smoke or have high blood pressure may be affected by this feeling and feel dizziness or nausea.

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