Do children care about their parents?

If children show their desire to be attached to their parents and a sense of tenderness, this usually indicates their loss of feeling safe and secure.

Herman Schweier Engels of the Federal Conference for Educational Consultations (BKE) in Fort, Germany, said that this behavior often appears from children when they experience new situations in their lives, such as separation from their parents or when facing new challenges. For example, Parents avoid relying on their child to perform certain tasks; they feel so indirectly that they are not worthy of their trust.

To cope with such behavior, Engelsh advises parents to talk to their child first and give him the opportunity to express his feelings before facing a new situation or before separation. Engelsch also emphasizes the need not to repel the child, if he shows his desire to hang on to his father and mother and a sense of nostalgia.

On the other hand, the German education expert Engelsh that parents should not allow their child to manipulate or deceive them, especially if they know that their child has matured enough to bear this position, pointing out that this contributes to the development of the child’s personality and independence and self-reliance.

The absence of a child’s sense of security can be attributed to different causes, Engels said. “This may be due to either a child’s sudden separation from his parents, significant loss of life or a lack of response by his parents to less important signs.” Finally, Feigler emphasizes the need to consult a specialist if the child’s attachment to the child continues for a long time.Close

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