Diet suitable for children with obesity

Many children become obese due to many factors, perhaps the most common is that the mother eat foods that contain a lot of fat and high calories and it is eating foods that may cause damage because of not consulted by the specialist in this and this makes the fat cells consist Within the body of the fetus, making them turn into excessive obesity later.

And there are some other factors after the birth of the child, not to eat healthy food and sitting in front of the television or computer for long periods without movement, which prevents calories from burning and lead to turn into fatty blocks in the body.

Therefore, the child’s meals must be dependent on the nutrients, minerals, proteins and vitamins that the body needs and distributed to several meals a day so that the number of calories that he acquires in a day does not exceed one thousand and five hundred calories.

While keeping away from fast food and ready-to-go, as well as exercise and movement.

– We will give you a model of a diet that can make your child follow him gives him proper nutrition and prevents his body from gaining additional calories:

– Breakfast:

A dish of food grains – a cup of low-fat milk with honey-based honey – a small cluster of grapes.

– School meal:

Turkish sandwich consisting of a slice of Turkish chicken and a slice of cheese and slices of tomatoes and cucumber and lettuce – a glass of orange juice.

– lunch:

Grilled chicken breast – Grilled potato – Salad dish with a teaspoon of olive oil.

– Snack:

A glass of banana juice and strawberries with low-fat yogurt – three pieces of wheat biscuits.

– Dinner:

A dish of spaghetti pasta with chopped meat and ingredients – a cup of low-fat milk.

And this diet has been tried on a number of children and succeeded in achieving the intended to reduce the weight and give them healthy bodies because this is one of the most important things to be addressed, obesity leads to injury to the child many diseases that appear late from the beginning of adolescence and Which will then be very difficult or impossible to treat.

The previous diet is characterized by containing all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins that the child needs, and it has a variety of varieties, it contains meat, vegetables, fruits and natural juices, which contributes to the lack of feeling hungry or make him vow or dislike .

What you should do in addition to your commitment to this diet is that you and your husband avoid foods harmful to your child so that you do not make him feel deprived and that he will also want to imitate you. You must also exercise to exercise and not accept drinks Health or fried foods with unhealthy oils.

Your child is safe in your neck and all the damage it will cause in childhood will be based on what I do not cause damage to him and give him what you can from the awareness and health system.

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