Diet pregnancy pregnant and healthy?

Pregnancy and weight gain Word comes to gold directly in some women once the pregnancy test and make sure of pregnancy, where anxiety begins to appear on some women who maintain their lactation, some linked to pregnancy to double the amount of food in order to maintain the health and safety of the fetus, what foods do not Increase weight in pregnancy, how do you eat a pregnant woman in a healthy manner without the effect of weight gain beyond the limit, and is there a special diet for pregnancy? Many questions we try in “Your Health Today” cover better.

First pregnancy stage (first month to third month)

During the first few months of pregnancy, some pregnant women may experience nausea or vomiting, especially in the morning. It is recommended to eat a small piece of bread as soon as you wake up, and divide the daily meals into 6 small meals that reduce the fat and multiply the green vegetables with the rich orange juice Vitamin C, and there is no noticeable increase in the weight of the pregnant woman .

Second pregnancy stage (4th to 6th month)

The pregnant woman needs a larger amount of calcium and iron to form the bone for the fetus. Eating a cup of skimmed milk three times a day provides the calcium that the pregnant woman needs while not gaining weight, as well as eating proteins such as fish and red meat. Eating a cup of yogurt with some pieces of strawberries, peaches or bananas with honey hanging is a delicious and moderately calorie meal.

Third pregnancy stage (from the seventh month to the end of pregnancy)

The last stage of pregnancy is the increase in weight due to weight gain of the fetus and placenta, which is normal, and show some other things such as feeling bloating and acidity of the stomach and preferably at that stage to develop a diet that reduces these symptoms and prevents weight gain from the permissible increase, including the system :

Eat full-fat milk three times a day

– Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits

– Eat a cup of skimmed yogurt before bedtime

Avoid lentils, beans, chickpeas and bulgur

– Drink plenty of water daily to clean the body of toxins.

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