Did you know that the psychological state affects your weight

Do you have to spend hours at the gym, changing your diet but without interest? Many studies have found that the psychological factor is of great importance in relation to weight loss operations. Studies have revealed the need to follow certain methods with the self to give them the appropriate motivation to lose weight, and it must be gradual change and through a clear plan to lose weight.

Experts say these small changes can have great health benefits and make a big difference in your life.

Eat every 2 to 3 hours during the day.

You do not need to go on hunger strike especially when you are hungry, but eating three meals, and at least two snacks a day, this will help keep you satisfied and will reduce the risk of binge eating at the end. The best principles that can be followed to eliminate fat, and if you feel the need for raspberries despite eating all your basic meals and light Do not resort to starches or sugars, and eat a meal of chickpeas, cucumber, lettuce or carrots.

Diversity in food selection.

Experiments have proven that healthy food choices are limited, try to find new healthy recipes or perhaps create some to suit your taste.

 Make your food at home.

Eating at a restaurant is not only a waste of money but it will earn you hundreds of calories. You can also avoid unhealthy temptations in restaurants such as cakes and desserts. If you have to, at least make sure to eat the main meal At home, if you are not at home at lunch time make the main meal in the evening and take a snack at lunch time.

open day:

Take an open day but that does not mean over-eating, but eating something you like or crave throughout the week, as it gives you the ability to follow in the system and eliminate feelings of deprivation.


Evidence has shown that not enough sleep for 8 hours a day can cause weight gain as it makes you eat more food, activates appetite centers in the brain and affects your metabolism.

 Exercise with family.

Sports is not only important for you, but for your entire family, try to play sports in a fun environment that becomes challenging for the family and motivates the movement like jumping rope, it may also be fun to keep track of how everyone is active every day, or perhaps to practice group sports like football.

 Gamel yourself:

The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to focus on what you can do, instead of focusing on how your body looks and shape you now. Know that you are liable to make some mistakes while committing yourself to your new healthy diet. Do not feel guilty and try to do it Repeat the next few times, make your expectations reasonable and do not start with unrealistic goals so as not to feel frustrated and give up your system, and reward yourself whenever you reach your goal and then put a goal beyond it and so on.

Eat foods that reduce appetite.

If you eat oatmeal in the morning, you are in the right path. It fills your stomach and helps you feel more comfortable than most breakfasts. There are many other foods such as nuts, fishers, vegetables and fruits, especially apple and grapefruit, which make you feel full for as long as possible.

 Play some classical music at dinner.

To keep yourself from eating fast and very often, you have to put some quiet music while eating, and there is a research study that found that people who listened to fast music with meals ate an average of five kittens per minute, while those who did not listen to music ate ​​four One minute at a time, while those who listened to slow, quiet music ate ​​only three catches per minute.

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