Detection of the gene responsible for disability in men

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford conducted an extensive study on 6,000 men with impotence to determine the genetic factor that leads to this condition. Researchers compared the genetic characteristics of volunteers with the genetic characteristics of healthy men and found mutations in one gene that affected the sexual ability of men with disability or weakness.

Scientists say the gene, called Sim 1, is the first gene associated with erectile dysfunction, which has been discovered so far.

The scientists published a study report earlier this month that said the gene was one of the factors leading to male erectile dysfunction, allowing for the development of appropriate treatments for the condition.  

Other factors may lead to men’s disability or weakness, such as smoking that destroys small blood vessels, as well as psychological factors, some health problems, stress, tiredness, excessive alcohol consumption, and weight gain, the report said.

Scientists advise men to follow a healthy diet, exercise daily, avoid stress and anxiety, and reduce weight to avoid erectile dysfunction or impotence, the Daily Mail Online reported. 

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