Dental pain after laser bleaching

Laser is one of the most common methods in the recent period, which gives wonderful results in giving you a perfect smile, with whitish teeth, but like many modern treatments, there are some side effects resulting from this. In order to provide all our followers with all the information about pain , which accompanies laser bleaching, which many people complain about, so let us now learn about everything related to laser operation .

Pain of tooth sensitivity

There are many people who suffer from dental allergies, a very strong pain that occurs as a result of several things:

  • When eating a cold drink or food.
  • When eating food or drink is very hot.
  • When the teeth are subjected to cold air flow.
  • Eat high intake of .

Dental pain after laser bleaching

Recent studies and medical studies have confirmed that a person feels severe pain due to the sensitivity of the teeth directly after laser teeth whitening, which was confirmed by all those who performed the procedure. However, everyone stressed that it does not last long, only lasts for a period of not more than a week Or more than ten days. Many studies have attempted to find a solution to this problem. It has already been found that the use of sodium fluoride on teeth, before undergoing laser bleaching, leads to pain relief and tooth sensitivity too much.

Important tips to get rid of teeth pain after laser bleaching

  • Use a toothbrush especially for those who are allergic to teeth, as well as toothpaste special for tooth sensitivity, and clean the teeth gently so as not to exacerbate the problem.
  • Be sure to keep away from eating acidic foods, they greatly increase the problem.
  • Eat moderate-temperature foods and beverages, which are not very hot or cold.
  • Usually the pressure on the teeth is bad habits that lead to tooth shape deformity, in addition to it increases the symptoms of dental sensitivity.
  • Sensitive toothpaste should be used once or twice a day to eliminate tooth sensitivity.

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