Definition of technology


Technology is a Greek word originally consisting of two sections; the first is techno, meaning craft, skill, or art; the second is logia, meaning science or study; hence the word technology means performance science or application science. Many scientists have cited many other definitions of the word technology that converge rather than diverge. [1]

Technology is the source of knowledge devoted to the manufacture of tools, the processing of activities, and the extraction of materials. Technology can be described as products, processors, and regulations. It is used by man to increase his abilities and abilities. Therefore, man is the most important factor in any technological system. . [2]

In addition, technology is also an application of science to solve human problems. Science and technology are two very different things, but they work side by side to achieve a specific goal or solve a problem. [2]

The technology has many applications in various fields; it is used in work, communication, transportation, education, industry, even the crafts industry, data security, and many other fields. Technology is human knowledge that includes tools, systems, and resources.

The concept of technology

The common concept of the term technology is the use of computer and modern devices, and this view is limited vision; computer is a result of the results of technology, while the technology that the term means is a way of thinking, solving problems, a way of thinking that reaches the individual to the desired results, As a way of thinking about the use of knowledge, information and skills in order to reach results to satisfy the human need and increase its capabilities, and therefore the technology means the optimal use of scientific knowledge and applications and adapted to serve the human and welfare Te. [2] [1]

History of technology

When anthropologists use the term technology, they do not necessarily mean computers or modern technologies. They go back hundreds of thousands of years ago, when man learned how to control fire, in addition to the invention of the wheel, which was invented in 4000 BC. The earliest inventions Was limited to some simple axes that man made millions of years ago. [1]

The ancient technological divisions that depend on the history of man and his inventions, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age (dating from about 1400 BC). The basic tools used in equipment and weapons are the main reason for naming each era. Superior to the previous article. [1]

Applications of technology

Many companies use technology to compete with each other. They rely on technology to manufacture products and services, and they also use them to deliver and export these products to consumers. For example, cell phone manufacturers, notably Apple, Samsung, Samsung uses advanced technology for the manufacture of mobile phones and other electronic devices in the best possible way to keep them competitive with other companies.

Technology is used to accomplish many tasks in different fields, so there are many types and applications of technology, and these applications are used in the daily life of man. [2]

In communications

The transfer of data and information from one place to another (or from one person to another) used in telecommunications systems depends directly and directly on technology, and this has a great impact on human life, communications have many uses, including the sharing of ideas and emotions, in addition to the communication of information. People use communications such as telephones, computers, e-mail, etc. to keep in touch with friends and relatives around the world. Business has many uses, such as product promotion, consumer satisfaction, etc., 2]

In industry

Modern machinery and techniques are used in construction, where bulldozers are used to prepare the land for construction, computer software is used in the design of buildings in 3D, and many other techniques are used for building completion, installation of facilities, etc. [2]

In medicine

Technology has a major role in medicine, as technology advances less patient pain and increased wound healing speed. Developed countries have taken advantage of technology in the field of health; modern technologies are now being used to detect and treat diseases. [2]

In the field of information

IT is a set of hardware and software that is used to store information; IT is a means of delivering information to specific individuals in a timely manner and is used to complete many tasks that include information transfer that facilitates decision making within the company or organization, that.

MIS is concerned with the development of production and management plans and the use of information technology to ensure that all tasks in the field of information are processed, processed and managed. [2]

Technology devolpment

The technology has been constantly changing; it continually advances in proportion to human needs; the world has moved from the age of the Industrial Revolution to the information age, providing an essentially information-based economic environment, which has made it easier for small businesses to enter local competition or Global

Negatives and disadvantages

  • Technology has many positives that are innumerable, but in return it has very serious disadvantages, including: [3]
  • Changing the way children think abnormally.
  • Change children’s feelings and emotions.
  • May pose a threat to the security and privacy of the individual.
  • Obesity may cause its users to become inactive.


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