Dealing with the child and helping him overcome his problem

The child may feel a little sadness and hope to help the child overcome his problem and not feel the child alone, and ask many mothers about the best way to help the child so that he can practice his life as normal as the rest of the children in Amra.

The mother’s responsibility is not to change her child’s personality but to help him acquire the necessary social skills that will enable him to make friends.

First, to help your child understand and understand his feelings and understand his needs, it will be to talk to your child and ask him about his feelings and monitor his behavior in different social situations to find out if there are certain things bothering him or whether there are certain people ashamed of their presence. There is something important that you need to know, whether your child is really shy or just likes to stay and sit alone while keeping in mind that some children are more inclined to read books and play their games in their rooms than to play with other children. The mother must know that such behavior is quite normal as long as the child is able to recognize new friends at the time he wants.

If your child has trouble making friends and getting to know new friends, you should help him get through this little step by step. For example, you can first teach your child how to open a conversation, or even start smiling to meet a classmate. I know that these small steps will have a very positive impact on your child’s self-confidence and on the development of his or her social skills.

Encourage your child to invite friends to the house and give them some ideas about the games they can play and how to deal with other children, keeping in mind that you should let your child talk to you about their fears and concerns.

Your child has some difficulty in being social or having friends if he spends his time only at school and at home because of not interacting with other children. Try to organize for your child groups played by more than one child at home or outside the house, taking care to be in place without interference. It is best to have your child’s visits to other children short in the beginning, keeping in mind that your child’s interaction with other children early will teach you how to be socially and how to avoid introversion and shyness. Your child will not be shy if he is not shy because it will make him nervous.

Be sure to take your child for various social occasions such as birthdays. The child must feel that others share their interests and do not feel imposed on them. If, for example, your child is worried before entering school, you can take him to see his class at school and to learn about his teachers and other such things. If your child is not eager to get to know new friends, do not try to impose it. If you feel that your child wants to take a social challenge, you should praise him. Know that if you press your child to be social, this will make him feel uncomfortable considering that you should not be confused if your child does not have many friends as long as he or she has the ability to interact well with others. Your child may be introverted but have many skills and identities It is your responsibility to develop those skills and encourage them to overcome problems.

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