Dashti diet to lose weight quickly

Diet Dashti is a diet program prepared by Dr. Hussein Dashti in order to reduce body weight quickly and at the same time gives the body all the benefits and nutrients that it needs.

Fever diets:

It is known that in order to lose weight and reach the body to the fitness and the ideal strength should be done slowly and in a short period of time, but Dashti diet contrary to this is a fast food diet decreases Excess weight eliminates body fat and greases in a short time but gives the body the nutrients it needs.

Dashti Diet Specifications:

– Burns the accumulated fat in the body, especially in areas that store fat as much as the center and buttocks and abdomen.

– Although the program is designed on four days, it can be classified as a weekly diet because the remaining three days a week can be returned from the first days of the diet program.

– Contains the majority of nutrients that the body needs for its health.

– Contains low amounts of fat.

Make your body burn more calories.

Dashti Diet Program:

First day :

Breakfast :

Two boiled eggs – the fruit of choice.

lunch :

Grilled Chicken – Salad dish.

Dinner :

A piece of Quraish cheese – a fruit of tomatoes.

the second day :

Breakfast :

Two fried eggs – ten pieces of olive – a glass of lukewarm or warm water.

lunch :

Fried beef kofta – salad dish made of celery, zucchini and eggplant.

Dinner :

– Quraish cheese – lettuce – cucumber fruit – a cup of tea without sugar or can be substituted with sugar substitutes.

the third day :

Breakfast :

Two boiled eggs – ten olive pods – a glass of lukewarm or warm water.

lunch :

Grilled Beef Steak with Fried Onion and Mushroom – Vegetable Salad Dish.

Dinner :

Seven slices of salami – a piece of white cheese or Quraish – lettuce.

the fourth day :

Breakfast :

Two beaten eggs – ten olive beans – a cup of tea without sugar or can be substituted with sugar substitutes.

lunch :

Grilled chicken – salad dish

Dinner :

Five slices of salami – a piece of Quraish cheese – lettuce.

Tips to follow when adhering to Dashti diet: 

– Drink plenty of water with at least eight glasses a day. Water is the basic nutrient that helps the body in many ways, including helping to reduce body weight and help it to represent food.

– Take care of physical and motor activities, especially sports. The most important of these sports are walking, as they contribute to burning calories and controlling body shape. It is also recommended to practice abdominal exercises and aerobic sports.

– Be committed to the program of diet fully without increasing or decreasing until it comes full fruit.

As with any diet, you should consult your doctor first before committing to it so as not to inflict any damage or illness on your body.

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