Damages to physical abuse of children

Parents may resort to child abuse in the manner of physical abuse by beating the child, believing that it is beneficial in the education and education of children in the best way

It is the way most parents have raised their children.

On the contrary, there is an increase in cases of violence in children, which can lead the child to boldness to the father and to authorize his violation and insist on the error.

Here are some psychological and behavioral damage to the child:

First, it is assumed that the relationship between the son and his parents is respect and safety, but the beating generates hatred and provocation towards the parents and generates negative feelings among them.

Second : The use of beatings generates the child fear of confrontation and the child acquires negative qualities such as cheating and lying.

Third : dealing violently with children makes him a child extinct and falls under the influence of bad friends easily at the old age.

Fourthly , the child lacks the skill of negotiation, understanding and the proper methods of persuasion through dialogue and discussion.

Fifthly : Child abuse physically deprives him of reassurance and often see the child slack talking or trying to protect the destination of his hands when one of his parents begins to emotion because he knows that he will beat him lose sense of acceptance and reassurance.

Sixth : The child mated often conducts the same behavior with his younger siblings and peers in school because he is prepared behavior.

Seventh : The beating of the child at an early age makes him characterized by an aggressive personality and a dependable personality who resort to drug addiction at a young age.

Eighth : A child is often a little self-confident and lacks motivation. He does not want to make any effort to remember his lessons, even if his abilities qualify him to distinguish, no incentive for excellence or competition, he feels that he is worthless.

Ninth : The use of beatings may seem to deal with bad behavior, but the results of beatings are temporary because they do not address the origin and do not correct the ideas, dialogue and discussion with the policy of reward and punishment is the basis of proper education.

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