Damages of hemorrhoids

The human body contains many tiny blood vessels, which are found in almost every part of our bodies, and there are some around the anus, called ” ” When the inflammation or enlargement of these vessels, they cause severe and troublesome, a problem common to many Of people, and the following are the most important reasons and methods of treatment, in addition to damages the process of hemorrhoids.Effects of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are divided into two types, the internal ones which are located in the rectum are not visible, and the external ones which are around the anus and can be seen easily, and there are many reasons that lead to inflammation of hemorrhoids such as:

  • Sit or stand for long periods.
  • Severe constipation that causes pressure on the blood vessels during the extraction process.
  • Excessive weight gain.
  • Exposure to wounds and infections in the anal area.
  • Aging causes tissue weakness and inflammation.
  • The causes of the disease may be hereditary.

These symptoms can be easily observed; your doctor should be consulted immediately when these symptoms occur. These include:

  • Pain during the output process.
  • Bleeding during defecation.

Tips after the process of hemorrhoids

After the operation of hemorrhoids, there can be some complications, and then you should consult your doctor to determine the seriousness of these symptoms:

  • Patient suffering from severe pain.
  • Incidence of wound incontinence as a result of a bacterial infection.
  • Repeated bleeding.
  • Difficulty urinating due to urinary tract problem.
  • Difficulty of output due to constriction of the anus after operation.
  • In some cases, urinary incontinence and stool can occur, but they are rare.
  • If you do not comply with the doctor’s instructions, you may resort to surgery again.

Duration of hemorrhoids

Here are some tips to help prevent hemorrhoids:

  • Do not sit for long periods.
  • Change the sitting position every 15 minutes.
  • Personal hygiene to avoid infections in the anal area.
  • Do not over-eat hot foods.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking.
  • Do not overuse stimulants, such as tea, coffee and carbonated water, because they contain a high percentage of caffeine that causes constipation.
  • Exercise regularly to stimulate blood circulation and avoid vasculitis.
  • Do not eat foods and drinks that cause constipation.
  • The maintenance of a healthy and useful diet of the body contains fibers that facilitate digestion.
  • Chew food well so as not to cause gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation and diarrhea.
  • When an infection occurs in the anal area, use the creams that contain the pain, and try to reduce the heat of the anal area as much as possible, by sitting on a plastic bag with some of the ice cubes.
  • If all of these methods do not come with an effective outcome in the treatment of hemorrhoids, you should go to the doctor for surgery, depending on the situation.

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