Damaged magnetic back strap

Damage to the magnetic back belt The back belt is a belt worn in the lower back area for a variety of purposes, such as the treatment of certain spine-related diseases, or support of the back area after a specific operation. For the patient’s condition,Damaged magnetic back strap

This type of back strap is made of flexible thin tissue that allows the skin to breathe, and helps the patient to relieve any additional pressure on the spine, by providing support for the muscles in the abdomen and back.

The soft back strap is highly adjustable to fit your waistline, so there is no need to take your measurements before purchasing a thin back strap, and this type can be used for everyday purposes.

There is a certain type of back strap designed specifically to support the back and abdomen area after injury to the area or after the completion of a specific surgery.

The back belt of this type usually contains plastic parts that are attached to each other by special materials and textiles.Damaged magnetic back strap

Usually the doctor advises the patient to start using the back belt to achieve certain medical objectives, the most important of which:

  • Relieve muscle stress in the lower back area.
  • Improve posture and posture and properly redistribute body weight to the spine.
  • Facilitate daily activities .
  • Relieve back pain.
  • Improve the back position and improve overall health spine condition and provide additional support.
  • Minimize the ability to move the back to accelerate recovery after injuries and surgery.

Damaged magnetic back strap

The back belt is one of the most appropriate complementary treatments in the following cases, which means that it may not dispense with the treatment of the condition, but it will be a wonderful addition to the system of treatment and will speed healing, and these are the cases:

  • After undergoing a specific surgery, as the patient may need a pillar to help him to identify and reduce movement to accelerate healing in the back and abdomen.
  • The condition of slippage and spondylitis, to improve the ability to walk, relieve pain and relieve damage to the nerves, muscles and ligaments of the surrounding area.
  • Osteoporosis, to relieve joint pressure and alleviate the pain associated with the disease.
  • The condition of the spinal fracture fractures, the back belt here helps relieve the pressure actually on the spine generally.
  • Degenerative disc disease and slipped cartilage. The back belt helps to carry the weight that the disk is unable to absorb and helps stabilize the spine in a certain position to relieve pain and damage.
  • The condition of spinal stenosis, to reduce the weight and pressure on the area below the spine.
  • Tensile and muscular stress, as the warmth of the back belt may help relax muscles in the affected area.

In order for your use of the back belt to be effective and successful, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Wear a back strap with all your physician’s instructions.
  • Consult your doctor about the appropriate back strap for you, and return to your doctor if you feel any type of discomfort.
  • Not relying entirely on the back belt, and just as a supportive element in your treatment regimen, it is not a substitute for medication.
  • Do not rely on the back belt for long periods, but use it for a short period depending on the doctor’s advice.
  • Do touch the back belt daily to avoid any skin rash in the affected area.
  • Avoid skin fat with any type of moisturizer before wearing a back strap.
  • The red marks left by the back belt should fade within 15-30 minutes. If this does not happen, check with your doctor immediately.

Damaged magnetic back strap

  •  It damages the muscles of the abdomen and works to weaken them. This is because of the obstruction of the muscles due to wearing it and this for a long time during the day.
  •  Repeated wear causes the bladder to fall down due to severe pressure on the abdominal area.
  •  It should be worn under heavy and non-transparent clothing, because if it is worn down thin clothes will be visible to those around you, and may be seen by some causing severe embarrassment.
  •  In cesarean cases, it may cause a risk to the woman.
  •  In order to make effective results, the choice of size must be improved, which can be difficult.
  •  Prolonged wear can cause skin rash, kidney problems, and can cause great pain.
  •  May cause pressure on the lungs and thus result in difficulty breathing.
  •  Prolonged wear may cause severe body dryness, as it increases body temperature and increases sweating, increasing the risk of dehydration.
  •  Although it helps to lose weight, but this decrease is temporary, and will soon return weight again.
  • Excessive pressure on the abdominal area caused by wearing the belt can cause injury to the person with the constipation.

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