Damage to vitamin B12 deficiency

The lack of vitamin B12 results in many different problems on the health of the individual whether these problems mental or physical, in any case, the effect is negative; that is why you should be careful to eat foods containing this vitamin, which we will show you in the next line So that you will completely avoid the damage of vitamin B12 deficiency, which we will also highlight in the next line.

  •  It affects the nervous system; for this reason it makes the person feel a bit of a pull in the feet.
  •  The cause of the inability to move if the case is neglected and not treated, and it will be caused by the speed of the feet and it leads to the same result is the inability to walk.
  • Also affect the skin it becomes very pale and yellowish because of insufficient red blood cells production.
  •  It will also make a person feel tired when doing any effort, even if it is simple.
  •  Not only that, but the symptoms are exacerbated to the effect on the heart, which is the increase of heartbeat so that it has the ability to compensate for what the body lost red cells.
  •  All these things will result in a sense of self-restraint.
  •  It also results in many problems in the mouth, which are painful pain due to ulcers or tongue pain.
  •  The person does not have the ability to pay attention and this will have a negative impact on his life and his work.
  •  The cause of many psychological problems affecting the person which is in anxiety, depression.
  •  Many stomach problems are diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

In order to avoid the damage of vitamin B12 deficiency, you should be careful to eat foods that contain this vitamin, which are animal foods, which are as follows:

  •  It is found in dairy.
  •  As well .
  •  In fish.
  •  In poultry.

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