Damage to the magnet on the body

The Magnet is a metal piece, which performs many tasks, and it was the beginning of its appearance as an astonishing to the whole world. It was based on the idea of ​​magnetism, many modern inventions, which help facilitate various tasks in our lives, not only that, treatment for many satisfactory, the magnetic field is extremely broad sea, and the world of large but with scientific development in which we live every day, was discovered damage to the metal on the human body, will shed light through this article on the damage caused by the body, and ways to avoid such damage .

Multiple uses based on magnets

Magnets are used in many fields at present. They are used in modern medicine. Doctors have discovered the ability of magnets to treat many chronic diseases, which have been unable to treat many advanced medical preparations, and it has been proven from experiments that magnetism has an effective effect The magnetism also has a very strong role in the treatment of mental illnesses such as acute and chronic, and it does not stop there, it is also used in cases of stroke and diseases of the nervous system.

The most prominent damage to the magnet on the body

Despite the multiple benefits of magnets, it may also cause some damage to the body, which we now explain:

  • This metal affects the metabolism of the body very negatively, causing many damage to the health of man.
  • We all know the role of the metal in the manufacture of mobile phones, radio waves which make sure the extent of the tremendous damage it causes to the human body.
  • Prolonged exposure to the magnetic field often results in poor concentration, as well as prolonged headache pain.
  • Frequent proximity to the magnetic field, which affects people with bad psychological conditions in the long term, although it is used to treat some cases of depression, but it leads to frustration, and may also lead to thinking of harm to the person himself.

Magnetism and cancer

Recent studies have confirmed that this metal, which has proved to be amazingly effective in treating many diseases in the brain, bones, eyes, nerves and chronic mental diseases, interacts with electric waves, and the electric field and the magnetic field overlap together, Cancer, which was a real shock to scientists and scientists, but there is still a lot of research and experiments, in order to develop the use of magnet, and avoid the risks caused, and to maximize the benefit without compromising the health of the human body.

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