Damage to the eye honey

Since thousands of years and used in many treatments and as mentioned by God that in the treatment of healing people, but there is damage when used for the eye, this is what we will know through this article, where honey was able to prove its strength in the healing of many diseases, In the eyes change their color as some claim, and do you save the eye from inflammation, this will be provided by your Arabic and the first Rajim Vtabona.Honey for the eye

There are many harmful uses of honey to the eye and may cause a lot of harm and were some of the most important beliefs about honey.

  1. Honey treats eye infections and some types of ulcers that appear in the Koran.
  2. Honey activates the optic nerve, increasing the level of view.
  3. Treat eye sensitivity.
  4. Honey works to lighten the color of the eye.

Use honey

What many people know is that there is a lot of damage caused by honey to the eye.

The damage of the use of honey in the eye that it works to create the environment for the emergence of fungus, which appears because of the introduction of honey to the eyes, and with the progress of time leads to whiteness of the eyes and may lead to blindness.

When you put honey in the eye leads to eye exposure to inflammation, the appearance of ulcers.

The most important internal damage that occurs to the eye:.

  • Honey upon arrival to the eye makes a change in the composition of human chemical tears.
  • Dry the tissues of the eye so that the honey absorbs the internal water of the eye leads to dryness.
  • Fuzziness and confusion when honey is placed in the eye due to the viscosity of honey.

Honey usage precautions

Despite the abundance of benefits of honey, but must be careful when using honey and the most important reasons to take:.

  1. Eat honey in specific quantities with the advice of a doctor, especially diabetics.
  2. Caution due to the large number of honeycomb in the formation of honey, which leads to an increased risk of decay .
  3. Be careful when giving honey to children because of some types of bacteria that lead to food poisoning, so it is not recommended to give honey to children less than a year

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