Damage to the e-mail

The e-mail has spread very recently among young people and adolescents, as an alternative to smoking or eating the long-known honey. This type of honey has been very interesting among young people. There are many questions about this. This electronic herbicide, the damage caused by its use, its effect on the person who smoked, as well as the people surrounding it. In order to know the answer to these questions, you should follow the following lines to find the answers you are looking for in detail.

Definition of e-mail

The e-mail is a small device, the size of the palm, is traded very large among the youth and adolescents, as a substitute for ordinary honey, which works by a battery that heated the fuse, located inside the honeycomb, resulting in the evaporation of the liquid substance that is placed inside device, which have aromatic scents characteristic, for several types of smart smell, this is called liquid juice mail, contains this fluid on the proportion of the substance of nicotine, the component base in regular cigarettes, Molasses known, resulting in smoking Molasses smoke thick with the smell of distinctive aromatic, according to The type of juice used Meh.

Benefits of e-mail

It may seem a bit strange, but there are some benefits that come from using e-mail:

  • You can control the proportion of nicotine in the e-mail, unlike with the regular honey and cigarettes, resulting in much less damage.
  • We all know the effect of the smell of cigarettes and honey on clothes, which we completely avoid with e-mail or electronic shisha.
  • Cigarettes and molasses contain one of the most dangerous substances that lead to lung cancer, tar, which is not present in any proportion of electronic shisha.
  • Electronic shisha does not affect the cleanliness of the place, as it does not produce ashes or dust after smoking as with cigarettes.
  • We all know the effect of passive smoking on people around the smoker, which is more than the damage to the smoker itself, which is completely avoided with electronic shisha, as it does no harm at all, to people surrounding the smoker.

Damage to the e-mail

As we talked about the benefits of this device must also talk about the damage, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Research has shown that electronic juice has a percentage of alcohol, making it controversial to rule it.
  • They can be used by children without the knowledge of their parents, as they do not leave an impact on the smell of clothing, making discovery very difficult.
  • They are sold without any supervision, as their trading in the markets is not authorized.
  • You need a higher cost than regular smoking, since they need a battery from time to time, as well as aromatic oils and electronic juice, making them consume more money than regular cigarettes.
  • Caused by some people.

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