Damage to the cord on the uterus

Damage to rope rope on the uterus is a sport rope rope of useful sports because it makes the body moves against gravity and contribute to increase the rate of energy consumption in the body .. It is a sport does not damage it .. But of course not practiced by the pregnant example .. Of course does not cause the fall of the uterus because The uterus in the case of non-pregnancy is very small (size of the fist) and is attached to ligaments and membranes and does not move easily from the movement or movementDamage to the cord on the uterus

The rope sport is a great sport to burn effectively. It depends on moving the entire body once by repeating one movement, jumping over the rope with both feet, but it may cause some damage, especially when exercising for a long period of time or in the way Wrong, and in this article we will know the disadvantages of jumping rope.

  • Pressure on the feet and bones of the back and tendons and joints, especially when the stomping on one foot only.
  • Excessive fatigue when the rope continues for a long time without taking any breaks at this time.
  • Water or bloody infiltration due to tapping on solid ground such as tiles or wood.
  • There are claims that this sport affects the virginity of girls, but in fact it is not true of reality, this sport has no effect and results in virginity at all, so it can be practiced with all comfort and without any concern.

Damage to the cord on the uterus

For novice trainees it is recommended to use the embroidered cord because it is easier to control than lightweight cloth or vinyl. The following methods and steps should be used to navigate in a safe and safe manner:

  • Adjust the rope by holding the knobs or pedaling the rope to check the length if appropriate for the person.
  • Shorten the cord until you reach the axillary handles.
  • Wear your appropriate sports shoe for exercises, and hold the strap tightly to avoid falling or obstructing it.
  • Choosing the right place for a skate should have a wide area so that no one will find any obstacles during training.
  • Hold the rope handles tightly and correctly, then train and test measurements if appropriate.
  • Training without rope, especially if the person is suffering from lack of activity and physical fitness.
  • Using the rope and careful not to reach the degree of exhaustion from the first time.

Damage to the cord on the uterus

  • During women, they may cause some problems and health defects, as well as discomfort.
  • During pregnancy, it is certain that this sport may lead to abortion because it relies on jumping using the whole body weight.
  • In cases of inflammation of the joints or heart disease, lengthening the cord may lead to exacerbation of the condition and increase these problems and health defects,
  • It is therefore advisable to avoid any stressful sport in these situations.
  • After eating or drinking water directly, because it leads to pain in the neck, in addition to the feeling of nausea and dizziness and thus the evaporation.

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