Damage to sleep by drink

Some prefer to wear the drink before going to sleep, and this habit of foot care routine, where the foot peeling and deep moisturization of them, and then wear socks and sleep all night, but there are those who oppose the idea for fear of damage to the body or feet, The following are the benefits and disadvantages of sleep by drinking, and what steps to wear during sleep to avoid risk.Always wear socks

Damage to sleep by drink

  • If the drink is tight, it may cause blood retention and prevent the arrival of the feet, which results in many health problems in the feet and the suffering of the person from the pain of the feet.
  • Of the damage caused by sleeping drink that causes the growth of fungi and bacteria in the feet, resulting in a person with acute inflammation of the feet and the sense of itching, in addition to the smell is not liking.
  • Socks can cause a person to suffer from broken ankles and dry feet, if the socks are worn wet.

Sleeping with a compressor drink

Benefits of drinking sleep

While some oppose the idea of ​​wearing a drink during sleep, others support the idea, as it leads to many benefits and advantages to help the person to enjoy a good sleep and good health, and the most important benefits of wearing socks during sleep:

  • Sleeping with a drink helps prevent bacterial infection and the growth of fungi in the feet, but it is important to note the need to wash and dry the feet before wearing the socks.
  • Protects your feet from cracking and dehydration. The socks keep your feet moist during sleep, giving you very soft and attractive feet.
  • Sleeping helps to keep warm, especially on cold nights , and gives you the opportunity to dive into a deep sleep.
  • Protects from the night, to help you enjoy a quiet sleep.
  • Sleeping with a drink protects the feet from sweating during the night, giving you a feeling of recovery all night and in the morning.

Wearing a drink during sleep weakens consideration

Health steps to avoid sleep damage by drinking

  • Be sure to clean the drink well and sterilize it while washing with boiling water, so as to get rid of the bacteria and fungi that cause the problems of the feet.
  • The socks should be completely dry to keep the feet from cracking.
  • Clean the feet carefully and carefully, and work on moisturizing them before wearing the drink.
  • The interest in wearing a drink is very suitable for the size of the feet and not tight, so as not to cause problems of circulation of blood circulation during the night.
  • Cotton socks are one of the best socks to wear during sleep, as they effectively absorb and protect the feet from dehydration.
  • If you have constant cold feet during winter, you should choose woolen socks.
  • The same drink should not be repeated for two consecutive days.

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