Damage to psychological pressure

The psychological pressure suffers from many people, because of the problems we live in, where life is characterized by a lot of fluctuations, which cause the feeling of psychological pressure, where man finds himself confused between his rights and duties, at all levels, both in personal life or working life, The loss of work, or the loss of friends and family, which makes a constant conflict within the person, and fear all the time, the interruption of relations, and all these reasons lead to the person to live in psychological pressure all the time, and we will learn through this article on the reasons Psychological stress and damage to human.

Causes of psychological stress in some people

  • One of the main causes of psychological stress is family problems, which are reflected in all family members, where they affect both spouses, as well as children, who are the main victims of the damage.
  • The presence of family differences, and the lack of connection to the uterus, also leads to a constant sense of pressure.
  • The lack of harmony between physical income and expenditure, also creates more pressure, the result of the conflict between his income and his needs.
  • Constant fatigue at work, lack of rest periods, most of the things that cause psychological stress.
  • The constant feeling of guilt, and the great self-reproach and blame for all its actions.
  • The phobia of some different life things, which may be normal for some, such as the beginning of work in a new place, or travel somewhere for the first time, and we find some fear of fear of failure, which causes the feeling of constant pressure.
  • Do not confront others with what bothers us Some people may get upset about some things, and they do not have the courage to ask them to stop.
  • The constant feeling of persecution from those around us and the loss of self-confidence.

Damage to psychological pressure

  • A person who is under stress sometimes feels stomach pain accompanied by a feeling of nausea due to the effect of these stresses on the digestive system in the body, accompanied by constant vomiting, diarrhea at times, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Persistent suffering from head pain due to frequent thinking and sleep disturbances, which always leads to a person living in constant conflict with all around him, unable to understand with others because of the pain he suffers, and his inability to relax and rest naturally.
  • Heart arrhythmia is also one of the most serious damage, which occurs due to a defect in , which causes a rise , as well as accelerated heartbeat sometimes, and a defect in the work of blood vessels, which causes the incidence of heart attacks at times.

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