Damage to olive oil

All you need to know about the damage that has been used olive oil for thousands of years and known wonderful medical excitement, which is used in foods and treatment, different types of olive oil and colors and different ways to treat, and smell, too, when keeping olive oil must follow several tips, The place is so cold and dark that it keeps its flavor and nutritional value.

Despite the many benefits enjoyed by olive oil and its high nutritional value and useful.

However, the damage of olive oil is great and we use it in many aspects of life, but we must be careful.Olive oil in cooking

Although olive oil contains oxidation that protects the human body from cancer.

However, many reactions may occur when some of its monounsaturated fats are exposed to a heating structure.

But exposure to heat is at high temperatures, it works to crack some useful substances.

Where a change in taste is detected when exposed to high heat because the substances that give the flavor are affected.

Despite the innumerable benefits of olive oil for skin and hair it has not been proven to have any damage to the eye.

Only when the eyelashes are exposed to olive oil causes burning and sometimes itching, but it is not considered a danger to the eye.Olive oil for the skin

Of olive oil damage that when applied to the skin must then wash the face well.

This is so that dirt and dirt are not deposited on it and the layer will act on the appearance of grain and pimples.

When using olive oil on the face must be dry skin so as not to show pigments and dark spots of water interaction with him.

When using olive oil on the skin must be sure to moderate use of it so as not to become greasy skin.

And therefore be shiny and difficult to get rid of those outstanding oils, and may cause many damage.Olive oil for hair

The damage caused by the excessive use of hair in olive oil has many things but can be controlled.

This is by controlling the appropriate amount of hair and from those damage.

  1. The hair follicles become blocked.
  2. Work on hair loss, weakness of the follicles.
  3. Increase fat in hair.


There are no significant reasons for diabetes when taking olive oil, but virgin olive oil works to reduce blood sugar levels.

Saturated fat works to prevent the accumulation of fat entering the human body.

There are many damages which may lead to risks when using olive oil directly during intercourse, including:.

  1. When using olive oil directly on the female genitalia, it leads to undesirable reactions with the resulting secretions leading to the appearance of unpleasant odors.
  2. When used on a condom will work to penetrate his sperm.
  3. May cause damage to the coil used by some women during birth control.

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