Damage to nail polish on pregnant and fetus

Is it safe to use nail polish during pregnancy?

The pregnant mother may marvel at the title of the topic, thinking that it is certain that nail polish has no harm to her or the fetus.
Well, it’s okay to use nail polish during pregnancy but carefully because there are chemicals in the nail polish that get damaged if you are regularly exposed and the two most famous chemical ingredients in nail polish are formaldehyde and toluene. 
The following lines will discuss the damage to these compounds and some tips to reduce nail polish damage on the pregnant and fetus.


This chemical in nail polish works to give stiffness to nail polish. 
Inhaling this substance can lead to irritation in the eye, nose, throat and lungs. It is known to cause cancer if exposed to it in large quantities at long intervals. 
It is good and safe for you and your unborn child not to get too much formaldehyde because this material breaks down quickly in your body.

There are some UK regulations that limit the use of this substance in products and the maximum use of the product is not more than 0.2%, which is very small, meaning there is a risk if it is used excessively.

The Tulane:

This chemical is used in nail polish to increase the fluidity of the nail polish and slip more smoothly when placed on the nails, inhalation also can irritate the eyes and throat and lungs, and exposure to inhalation directly in large quantities can constantly harm the nervous system and cause birth defects of the fetus.

Nail polish remover (acetone):

Using a nail polish remover in pregnancy is safe. 
As it contains acetone and this substance is present naturally in our bodies and the environment around us, 
there is a simple possibility that the pregnant woman to large amounts of acetone at long periods may cause problems in the development of the fetus or cause birth defects. 
But even if you use the nail polish remover every day, it will not hurt or hurt your baby. 
It is best to use acetone-free nail polish remover, 
as it will be nicer on your nails because acetone causes dry nails to crack and crack quickly.

Tips to reduce nail polish damage on pregnant and fetus:

If you are accustomed to using nail polish regularly or frequently or working as a nail polish specialist, 
there may be a slight risk to you for exposure to these chemicals, you can mitigate their harm by following these tips:

  • After removing the nail polish, wash your hands with soap and water well to get rid of any chemical residue.
  • Use formaldehyde-free nail polish and toluene.
  • Open doors and windows to provide a good ventilation before you start applying nail polish.
  • Do not use nail polish that contains these two substances more than once a week.
  • When you dry the paint of your nails do not blow it because you will often breathe by inhaling his nostrils, the length of your arms away from you to allow the nails to dry alone.
  • If you were a nail specialist, leave the nail polish job to one of your colleagues if you can.

Now that we have finished showing the previous topic and answer the puzzling question of whether there is damage to the nail polish on the pregnant and fetus, or is it common

We hope you have a facilitator and a healthy child

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