Damage to eating or drinking standing up

Eating or drinking is a bad habit practiced by some people and may occur for a variety of reasons. For example, saving time instead of sitting and staying for a long time. Some also follow the habit of eating fast, not eating too much, Some people may do this, in an attempt to break the routine after finishing the office work, and sit for long periods, by eating with standing, and recent studies have confirmed the extent of damage resulting from this unhealthy habit, which we deal in detail through the following lines, across With an indication of the negative consequences On the habit.

Damage eating or drinking drinking standing

As we have already mentioned that eating and drinking is very bad, and usually bad followed by some people, and it causes a lot of damage, the most important inability of the digestive system in the body, to do its work correctly, as doctors are always advised to sit while eating, Food is digested properly, and recent studies have shown that people who eat food while sitting are just beginning to digest as opposed to those who eat food. It takes some time before digestion begins.

The effect of eating or drinking is standing on the body

In the previous paragraph we discussed the effect of eating normally while standing on the digestive system and how it has a negative effect on the digestion process. We will now talk about the results that occur due to the habit:

  • Some do the exercise to reduce weight by eating in a hurry to eat less, but after searching for people who are exercising, they are more likely to gain weight as they eat food quickly, Greater than food without their knowledge, giving them extra calories.
  • Eating with the stand, followed by a movement of more energy, resulting from the burning of food, causing a quick sense of hunger, which leads to the desire to eat again, within a short period of time, causing weight gain.
  • Standing while eating, causes the intake of more air with food, resulting in a feeling of bloating, fullness of a large amount of stomach disorders.

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