Damage to drinking water in plastic

The dangers of drinking water in plastic will be discussed in detail on the site because of the gravity of the matter, there are many bad habits that we follow in our daily lives, without being aware of the seriousness of the matter, the most prominent of these customs the use of plastic containers for drinking water and food preservation, and despite the existence of many warnings The danger of plastic caused by serious diseases, is not free home in the Arab world of packaging, bags and glass cases, so we will talk about the types of plastic and its deadly damage.Damage to drinking water in plastic

The dangers of using plastic have been noticed by some foreign countries, and have decided to prevent their use and replace them with glass, paper bags and other safety materials on human health and the surrounding environment. However, in the Arab countries, the great majority of countries still use plastic materials. You should use them and good ones, and how to distinguish them, and in all cases should not be used plastic containers for long periods.

Usually, when we buy a product that is stored in a plastic container, whether water or drink, we notice that there is a number at the bottom of the bottle. This number is the first type of plastic that you should remove, it is only disposable.

This type means that plastic containers are good and safe and can be used to save food and water, are also used in the manufacture of toys, used in the manufacture of packaging preserves hair and skin products, the best kind of which is transparent.Plastic damage

If the number on the bottom of the package is 3, it is very dangerous and should not be used. Figure 3 is only for pipes, bathroom curtains, and unfortunately some unscrupulous toy makers may resort to using this type to make the cheapest types of toys, It is dangerous to play with children.

No. 4 is safe to use, but not to save food and drinks, it is made from the bags in the shops we shop from, so be careful to put food in those bags for long periods.

This type is the best at all and suitable for keeping everything like food, water and drinks, usually used to make medicine packs, food cans.

No. 6 of the worst species should not be used at all, unfortunately, still a lot of Arab countries use it, especially in restaurants.Plastic

The degree of danger of this depends on the type of plastic that is stored in the water, which is usually type 1 so in this case the package should be used once, while trying to find a package made of good types, which explains that some water bottles, the price is much more expensive than Other.

In the case of the use of harmful plastic in the conservation of water or food and use for long periods, may lead to the incidence of many of the most serious diseases, including cancer, malignant tumors, and some diseases and headaches, and it varies from person to person.

  • When purchasing a plastic water bottle, you must check the validity date. Many people do not know that the water has a finish date like other goods.
  • Never buy a plastic bottle exposed to the sun, because the temperature will interact with the chemicals involved in the manufacture of the packaging, and the subsequent transfer of water.
  • Glass is the safe solution for keeping water and food. If plastic is used, the containers must be changed continuously.

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