Damage to drinking rose water on the stomach

Drinking water on the saliva uses rose water to make sweets, as well as in the treatment of skin problems. Therefore, it is used in the preparation of cosmetics. However, many may not know that rose water can be used to drink rose water with ordinary water as a kind of juice. Many benefits. 
And rose water is transparent water and has a flavor and smell of roses, as it is extracted from the petals rose Joury smell of fine and no difference in color and nature and liquid texture of ordinary water except for the smell of roses and taste concentrated in this water.Damage to drinking rose water on the stomach

It is one of the main ingredients in most skin care recipes. Its use dates back to the pre-Roman Empire, where Cleopatra was thought to have been used as part of its skin care system and has many benefits as it helps to soften the skin and its qualities thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. B antioxidants which helps to soothe the skin and keep it moist.

Many avoid drinking water before sleeping for fear of waking up at night to urinate without knowing that drinking water before sleep has great benefits as follows:

– Drinking water before sleeping keeps the kidney healthy

It is natural that the human body throughout the day in a straight and moderate position, which makes the fluid in the bottom at the bottom specifically in the legs, but when the person goes to bed the legs are equal and that helps the kidneys to get rid of liquids and with it get rid of the body of toxins.

– Drinking water before sleep protects you from stroke and heart attack

This is because drinking water activates the blood circulation of the human body and thus makes it safe from these crises. 

Drinking water before bedtime saves you from excess salts

This is because the water cleans the human body and expels the salts and prevents the accumulation of toxins and protect you from the injury of many health problems resulting from the accumulation of salts and toxins in the body. 

Drinking water before sleep protects your muscles

Drinking water before bedtime reduces the risk of muscle cramps at night and therefore increases the feeling of rest and relaxation.Damage to drinking rose water on the stomach

  • Damage to drinking rose water Despite the enormous therapeutic benefits of rose water,
  • To be treated without dilution by any concentrated water,
  • Or if it is used for a long period of time and in excess of any amount exceeding the required rate may lead to damage to cells and tissues of the kidneys,
  • Which expose them to many health problems such as infections and infections and works to damage them.Rose water

Provides skin with purity and beauty, and this is done by cleaning the skin using a clean cotton immersed in rose water.

Works to close the pores of the skin, thereby limiting the appearance of pimples and acne pills on them.

It is used to rid the skin of the bottom of the eye.

It is used in the treatment of swelling and swelling that appears below the eye area by placing the cold rose water compresses where the eyes are swollen directly.

It gives the skin a pink color.

Some natural recipes for the water board to treat all skin complexions:

First recipe:

Eliminates the dark spots that permanently infect the skin. This is done by mixing 3 teaspoons of starch powder with 3 teaspoons of white fat known as Vaseline and 3 teaspoons of rose water with 3 teaspoons of glycerol cream with 9 tablespoons Lemon juice, and then put this mixture in a jar tightly sealed and stored in a place away from the sun, and then apply this mixture on the skin on 4 times per week, and leave each time for 60 minutes on the skin and wash with water Lukewarm.

Second recipe:

To moisturize the skin, and by mixing a tablespoon and a half of a large spoon of rose water with a small amount of oil glycerol with 9 teaspoons of powder milk, and then apply this mixture on the skin directly and leave for 30 minutes on the skin, and then The skin is cleaned with lukewarm water.

Third recipe:

For oily skin, and by mixing a tablespoon of rose water and a tablespoon of wild hazelnut oil, and then apply this mixture on the skin directly and leave for 30 minutes, and then wash the skin using lukewarm water.

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