Damage suddenly quit smoking on the body

Smokers are considered to be the most susceptible to lung disease and respiratory diseases, which can cause death complications. Many smokers seek to quit smoking and replace them with a healthy system that gives them the energy and activity to complete their lives with pleasure, but it is always advisable to quit smoking. For sudden cessation of damage, which may cause the smoker to return to smoking smoking again in a very short period of time, in this article we tell you the effects of smoking suddenly, and the best techniques to quit smoking.Benefits of Quit smoking

While nicotine withdrawal is not a sign of nicotine, nicotine is the body’s addiction to nicotine, which makes it difficult to get rid of it suddenly or leave it suddenly without pacing. These symptoms are:

Quitting smoking suddenly causes severe headaches and sporadic headaches, due to a lack of nicotine and smoking, which are important for daytime entertainment.

Symptoms of quitting smoking Suddenly the smoker feels dizzy and burns a sore throat as a result of staying away from the smoke for a longer period, leading to a person who coughs and ends up after a period of non-smoking.Nicotine exit time of the body

Because of the repeated nicotine and abrupt interruption, this causes the strikes of digestion, and suffering from the person , and is constipated because of the lack of functioning of the stomach efficiency required, and expires within two days of take off.

Where the brain is distracted from finding peace from head ache and doing business, the person has difficulty concentrating and confusion at first.

The person suffers from the difficulty of relaxation and sleep, because of the urgent need of the body of cigarettes, and therefore suffering from exhaustion and fatigue at the beginning of the lack of hours of sleep.

The person also suffers from emotional imbalance, which affects the person’s emotions negatively, but the emotions calm down in a few days.Symptoms of quitting smoking

  • Stay away from smokers and smoking places in general; passive smoking causes you many problems that cause you to lose your decision.
  • Eat healthy foods, especially rich in fiber, they promote the work of the stomach and help digestion, which reduces stomach upset and saves you from constipation.
  • Eat plenty of water and fluids from herbal juices and drinks. It helps you overcome the craving for smoking.
  • Take care of exercise, relaxation and breathing exercises. It helps you relax your emotions.
  • Make more effort during the day to overcome sleep disturbances at night.

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