Damage of ginger and its effect on the stomach ..

Ginger is one of the natural remedies that help in the treatment of digestive problems, especially when it is warm with honey, but excessive eating leads to many problems such as feeling sleepy and increase the risk of heart disease. Ginger is generally safe for oral consumption at appropriate doses, as has been proven. It has also been found that its application to the skin in the short term is also safe and may cause irritation in people with allergies.A glass of drink

  • Improve bone health, especially knee pain.
  • Treatment of diarrhea.
  • Dispose of excess gas in the abdomen.
  • Help digestion and regulate the high sugar level that slows the work of the stomach.
  • Cancer prevention especially cancerous activity in the colon.
  • Cleanse the body and get rid of germs by sweating.
  • Prevent menstrual cramps by reducing the level of prostaglandin which stimulates pain and contractions.
  • Treatment of nausea including nausea and nausea caused by chemotherapy.
  • Cure cold, flu and cough.

Ginger Mix

Eating large amounts of ginger may lead to gastric and stomach side effects, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Eating large amounts of ginger root can cause heartburn, diarrhea, mouth irritation, bloating and gas.

It is also not recommended to eat large amounts of fresh ginger in case you have a history of ulcers or inflammation of the bowel or obstruction. Some experts suggest that taking ginger as a dietary supplement may limit these symptoms, but ingestion of ginger and without chewing may lead to intestinal obstruction.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) MedlinePlus, although ginger is used in the treatment of morning sickness in pregnant women, eating more than 1 g daily may be dangerous for her and her baby.

Here research studies are conflicting, some of which suggest that eating high amounts of ginger may lead to the risk of fetal malformations. Or that large doses of ginger may affect the nationality, which may increase the risk of abortion or bleeding.

While other studies to control the opposite about the fact that ginger does not affect the risk of congenital malformations and will not harm the fetus in women who consume Ginger higher than usual. Therefore, our advice to pregnant women is always to consult with a specialist before getting a dose of ginger.

It has been found that eating ginger may affect blood sugar levels, and lead to the decline, so eating a large amount of ginger, especially by the diabetic may contribute to low levels of sugar in the blood, and therefore may pose a risk.

The diabetic is advised to consult with his doctor before taking the ginger, for fear of its effects at the level of sugar or opposed with any medicine to be taken.

If the diabetic notes any signs of low sugar in the case of eating such as dizziness, weakness and others, it is recommended to take a glass of juice or any food containing simple sugars to raise blood sugar levels.

Eating ginger in large amounts may lead to reduced side effects and associated side effects such as dizziness.

Ginger also contains chemicals found in aspirin known as salicylates, which prevent blood clotting. Which may be a risk to those suffering from bleeding problems and blood strain if they ate more than 4 grams of ginger daily.

Some people may have allergies to ginger, showing symptoms of rashes and feeling uncomfortable in the stomach or mouth, so make sure you are not one of them when you take ginger in other forms.Girl

Cut the ginger into thin slices and soak it in water for 10 minutes. Add a slice of lemon juice and some fresh mint leaves. Leave until cool and then remove. Then sweeten the tea with natural honey. This recipe is good for soothing stomach pains.

(Ginger, apple, carrots, lemon juice) Cut the ingredients into small cubes and add lemon juice to them, you can sweeten them with natural honey.

Stir a potato and add a tablespoon of ginger powder and eat it three times a day before the three meals,

This recipe helps you treat gastritis.

Ginger may have a harmful effect if taken incorrectly, such as:

• Take it wrong. Make sure it is not mixed with anticoagulant herbs (red pepper, chamomile, licorice, garlic, cloves, cinnamon and lettuce) because taking it with these herbs can lead to bleeding. • Take it on an empty stomach.

• Avoid taking it if you have leukemia or anemia because it increases blood flow.  

• If you have diabetes keep away from eating ginger because it works to lower the level of sugar in the blood. Excessive intake of or drinking of ginger has a negative effect on health, especially stomach. Drinking too much ginger may lead to heartburn, bloating and gas and irritate stomach ulcers. Therefore, gastric ulcer patients should avoid eating large amounts of ginger in an empty stomach.

Sometimes ginger causes a condition of stomach discomfort, dyspepsia, colic and diarrhea. If you experience any of these symptoms,

Avoid ginger and you can take it as a tea with some herbs or as a food dish to take advantage of its properties and not to hurt the stomach.

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