Damage and benefits of cleaning lime from teeth

Clean the lime from the teeth The teeth are clean white and the smell of a good mouth is a requirement for anyone looking for beauty, but there is an easy problem to appear on the teeth usually Mannagl about the review of dental clinics to remove and neglected to aggravate the problem and may lose teeth intact.

What is Dental Gear?

Even if you take care of your teeth at home, you still have bacteria in your mouth, where the protein mixes the residues of food, to form black teeth,

The plaque contains bacteria that can damage tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay, but if you remove plaque regularly,

You can prevent tooth decay and gum disease . However, bigger problems arise if your teeth continue to black and accumulate on your teeth,

It will harden and turn into lime, where the formation of lime on the gum line, and can lead to many problems, including the decline of gums and diseases of the gums,

Lime must be cleaned with tools, especially in the dentist’s office.

Damage to the accumulation of lime layers in teeth 

  •  Helps to multiply germs.
  •  It causes bleeding and swelling of the gums.
  •  Leading to atrophy and decay of the gums.
  •  Gingival sinuses.
  •  Absorption of alveolar bone.
  •  Teeth decay and fall.
  •  tooth decay .
  •  The appearance of wounds and ulcers in the tongue and mouth.
  • Damage and benefits of cleaning lime from teeth

Tips for prevention and cleaning of teeth from lime

The best thing to do is not allow your teeth to be formed on your teeth in the first place by following these tips:


Use the brush twice a day for 2 minutes at a time. Scrubbing the teeth for 30 seconds twice a day will not remove plaque. It will not prevent lime. Use a brush with soft bristles small enough to fit your mouth. Make sure to clean all areas, including surfaces. Which are hard to reach behind your teeth and on your rear instars.


The choice of toothpaste eliminates lime and contains fluoride. Fluoride will help repair damage to tooth enamel. Some products contain a substance called trichlorosin that fights bacteria in plaque.

Dental floss

Using dental floss is very important, it cleans areas that do not reach the brush, especially spaces and pockets between the teeth.


Lime teeth should be cleaned with a mouth cleanser daily to help kill bacteria that cause plaque.

Clean the teeth from the lime when the dentist

Once the lime has accumulated on the teeth in large quantities, it must be removed through a process known as debridement, and this is done through:

  • Hand Tools.
  • Or an ultrasound device to remove lime, the ultrasonic device includes a set of high-frequency vibrations with water to rid the teeth of lime.

After performing the debridement or cleaning of the teeth from the lime, the dentist will schedule a follow-up visit to determine whether additional treatment is necessary.

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