Curve your child’s legs and how to avoid

The curvature of the legs in children is a lot of parents and affects the delay of the movement of the child and misconceptions Linking the problem of curvature of the legs in the child with calcium deficiency is not the only cause of the problem of soft bones or bowing legs of your child may be a problem of bowing in children who eat calcium-rich foods, Suffer from that problem.

Curvature of the legs in children is associated with other vital factors that affect the absorption of calcium such as vitamin D or a defect in the metabolism of the child.

Parents should perform some medical tests for the child and analyze the ratio of calcium and phosphate to know the real cause and the problem of curvature of the legs in the child and the need to start giving the child compensatory doses to address the shortage, here are some tips to avoid the problem of curvature of the legs in children.

– Attention to the quality of food provided to the child and to take care of dairy products to supply the body with calcium and vitamin D.

– Ensure that the child’s intake of vitamin D is important to help absorb calcium to strengthen bones and vitamin D is available in fish, eggs and dairy products.

– Exposure of the child to the sun and the sun before noon, where the sun works on the secretion of vitamin D in a natural way.

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