Cosmetics threaten the skin with this disease

The use of cosmetics and excessive makeup and heavy makeup in the skin irritation and inflammation in what is known as “inflammation of the skin around the mouth,” also known as “air host disease” and can be treated with the complete dispensing of the preparations, in addition to the use of cortisone creams, anti-inflammatory creams.

German professor Cord Zunderkuter explained that excessive use of cosmetics and cosmetics causes severe skin stress. The same applies to heavy makeup, which prevents breathing of the skin.

Blisters and itching 
The dermatologist added that excessive skin care causes the incidence of “Perioral Dermatitis,” the symptoms are the feeling of tightness around the mouth, eyelids, red blisters, and skin contractions, in addition to the feeling of itching and burning.

German dermatologist Jens Tessmann said the disease was also known as “air host disease,” because it was spread among flight attendants because of their heavy makeup, constantly changing climates, and disturbed sleep schedules, which irritates the skin and exposes it to extreme stress.

Called your skin breathe 
Tisman and added that he should consult a doctor immediately after noticing the symptoms mentioned above, noting that the first step in treatment is to completely stop using cosmetics and beauty care for several weeks, to give the skin a chance to breathe and regeneration.

Apart from dispensing cosmetics, the doctor describes cortisone creams, anti-inflammatory creams, and in very severe cases antibiotics can be used.

It is also useful to use black tea compresses, which help to soothe the skin and reduce redness. For this purpose boiling black tea, then leaves cool, and then dip a cotton towel, to be placed on the affected skin positions. 

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