Correct ways to slim the body

Many people want the result of excess weights in their bodies to rapidly dehydrate and do not know the right ways to eat, exercise and physical activities and a person may try to look at how the thin person to live to mimic him, but this does not work, of course with Everyone because physical needs vary.

Breakfast :

Many people ignore breakfast and it is one of the worst eating habits at all because the body after waking up is in need of energy because of sleep for eight hours, the amount of insulin is low in the body and the proteins are over and this means that the body is in need To the food so that it performs its vital functions to the fullest, which include metabolism, which helps the body to eliminate excess weight and fat and fat.

Nutrients :

The meals must contain all the nutrients that the body needs. Before exercising, the food must be protein and carbohydrates to burn during the exercise, as it should be after the end of the exercise Eating a meal containing proteins to contribute to the formation of muscles The body during the exercise is destroying muscles In order to perform the exercise and therefore needs the protein to rebuild it again, so this meal should be taken before the exercise 30 minutes to help the body to get the required thinness.

Dietary diets:

Dietary system is not as important as the quality and quantity of food consumed must be rich in protein, vegetables, whole grains and whole grains such as wheat and the contents of the fat is low.

water :

It is the most important element of food for the body at all and is also important in the slimming of the body it helps to get the necessary moisturizing and make the stomach full, which makes the amount of food intake less for its contribution in the granting of satiety to the human body also helps the body to represent food and make vital processes work properly And many other benefits and the amount of water should not be less than eight cups and the greater the quantity the better.

Sports :

Food alone is not enough to control the weight of the body, but must be carried out physical and physical efforts and the most important exercises that are recommended for walking, running, swimming and aerobic exercise, it removes fat and fat from the body and strengthen the muscles and make the durability greater, The exercise should not be less than 30 minutes, with the exercise of upper and lower body muscles and muscles, including the arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs and back. Exercise should be taken with weights as it increases flexibility of the body muscles. And touch the fingers of the cod Hand-held and hand-held and raised over the head and others.

And should not be neglected to consult with the specialist doctor because each body is different from the other and also the requirements of the body to reach the ideal weight without losing health and vitality and lead to the incidence of diseases and various health problems.

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