What are contraceptives and what is the appropriate method for me?

There are many ways to regulate reproduction. The degree of ramadan differs from one method to another, in addition to the psychological comfort of women. We present to you in your health today themethods of contraception and how to suit all women’s ways.

Contraceptive pills

It is one of the most widespread and most effective methods to be used properly and to eat the pills on a regular basis on time and stop the use of pills during the menstrual cycle and requires that the method to be in good health and not suffering from heart disease or health problems can affect the Use of birth control pills

Side effects of the use of oral contraceptives are headache, nausea, breast pain and some blood drops.

The coil

The coil is one of the most common contraception methods among women who do not prefer birth control pills. It is a plastic device that is composed by a female doctor from inside the cervix and prevents the fertilization of the egg. The characteristics of the coil are that it does not need follow-up. Time is then easily removed.

The IUD is not used with women who have rheumatoid fibrosis or are newly married and have never had children, which can cause ovarian inflammation and menstrual disorders.

Safety period

This method is based on determining the time when the egg is released, which is known as the days of ovulation or ovulation where the egg is ready for fertilization and fertilization and usually two weeks after the beginning of the menstrual cycle and the egg remains able to fertilize for three days and during that period can avoid the marital relationship.

The condominium

The use of condoms for male contraceptives, which are used to isolate sperm cells from access to the uterus and fertilization of the egg and is an effective way to prevent pregnancy especially for women not suitable for other means and disadvantages of this method, it may cause men feel upset and not enjoy the relationship.

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