Continuing Specialist: Children 5 to 15 years old are more affected by their friends

Dr. Nabila al-Saadi, a communication specialist at the Egyptian Center for Family and Marital Counseling, asserts that children are exposed to many negative or positive effects during their various stages of life. The child is always influenced by those around him, his family and those who are responsible for his upbringing. Between wrong and right and trying to guide him in the way that his life will live positively, but over time in the life of the child appears the element of friends who may say things to him contrary to what he heard from his family.

Every mother wishes that her child is social, has many friends, that his childhood is happy, that she wants to be independent, and that he can learn to make his own decisions, but sometimes the child’s friends may have a negative impact on him, starting his education with principles and values ‚Äč‚Äčother than those he has learned at home.

But it is important to bear in mind that the extent to which children are affected by their friends, whether negative or positive, depends on the age of the child and the time in which the friend entered it. In addition, the bad influence of friends will be strongly evident between 5 and 15 years. The most sensitive periods of the child and the most periods in which he is disturbed and vulnerable to anything that his friends do, which is an important factor in the formation of his personality.

If a child can not control his friends or colleagues within the school, she can definitely control who spends his time with him outside the school, If you notice that some of your child’s friends are negatively influencing him and teach him to talk to you after respect, in this case it is entirely your right not to allow your child to mix with that kind of friend. Sometimes, however, the child may want more. Tales of his colleagues and friends Interesting and that he wants to join them because he does not want to be alone in school.

The mother must know very well that if the child is prevented from talking to a specific friend, he will cling more strongly to this friend, and may also begin to lie, so you should try not to tell the child that you hate his friend because this will keep him Friendship more. 
And the beginning of the child’s education choose his friend start from a small where the mother is keen to teach him the difference between the good friend and friend bad, and the son to play with a friend in front of his family must be watching the mother actions of his friend, and if the mistake did not allow her son to play with him again, The child has bad habits from his friend. The mother has to explain it to him by talking about the bad behavior of the other and that you are proud because he does not act like him.

“We must recognize that the child’s tradition of the actions of his friends is one of the basic ways in which he learns whether these behaviors are negative or positive. Every mother should develop a set of fixed rules for the child with the child’s participation in a range of different activities To give him the opportunity to form new friends that have a positive impact on his life.

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