Colic is caused by what the kids and how it can be cured ?

Does your child have colic? How can children handle colic?

Many mothers feel the crying of the child and do not know the cause of the child crying, which, according to Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi, a professor of pediatrics, told the “Health Today” website that the most common reasons for crying the child especially during the night are caused by colic attacks . And how to treat colic in children and be patient in particular during the first months of the child.

He adds one of the most common causes of colic attacks in the child is the presence of gases in the stomach of the child because of failure to follow the guidelines for proper breastfeeding of the child can be treated colic in several ways:

Ways to treat colic

1 – Massage the baby’s belly with some warm oil with the palm of the hands and gently

2 – Put the child in a warm water bath

3 – give the child some herbs repellent gases such as anise, crocodile and mint

4 – Teat on the back of the child gently after breastfeeding to help get out of the stomach gases or burping the child

5 – not to let the child cry for long periods so as not to Ttracm gases inside the stomach

6 – not to provide solid food for the child until the sixth month

7 – Do not add sugar to the baby’s breast and herbal treatment only.

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