Cognitive behavioral therapy over the phone or the Internet shows efficacy in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

A recent study found that cognitive behavioral therapy may help treat irritable bowel syndrome.

Behavioral cognitive therapy

Behavioral cognitive therapy

The study involved a number of patients with irritable bowel syndrome who were divided into two groups. The first group was treated with CBT by telephone or the Internet in addition to traditional pharmacotherapy. The second group was treated with traditional pharmacotherapy only.

The researchers found that the symptoms of the disease improved better in the first group compared with the second group.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on a number of factors, such as educating the patient about dealing with ineffective thoughts related to irritable bowel syndrome, and avoiding situations that may trigger symptomatic seizures.

It is possible to stimulate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in anxiety or psychological distress, and concern about the same disease increases symptoms worse.

According to the researchers, the results of this study are promising in terms of providing more support for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, especially after it came after the test of cognitive behavioral therapy by phone or the Internet, and not face to face, which greatly facilitates access to treatment.

The study was conducted by researchers from Southampton and Kings College London, UK, and published in the journal Gut.

Source: British National Health Service (NHS)

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