Clove damage

Although the plants of nature known for thousands of years, it is rare to have damage but it nevertheless contains an article that may have a negative impact on certain categories and situations, we will mention later, but we can not deny the virtue and benefits of cloves for human health, Whether physical or cosmetic, and as a kind of spices that gives a distinctive flavor of food and drink, and a painkiller , let us recognize the damage of cloves to avoid.

There are 300 different types of cloves that belong to the aromatic plant, which has a long, attractive scent. It was called “flower of love” and is always found in floral bouquets to give it an aromatic aroma. These flowers are grown annually, although they are long-lived, The smell is renewed and more numerous, and its cultivation is spread all over the world.

There are hundreds of colors and varieties of carnations, including what grows in the Arab region:

  • Lebanese cloves.
  • Cloves hanging.
  • Cloves.
  • Elegant Carnation.
  • Cloves.

Grow outside the Arab world, including:

  • Japanese cloves
  • Common Cloves.

Women suffer from severe pain when removing hair from the body, which makes them looking for a suitable way to remove hair with less pain, but dear with clove oil and its anesthetic benefits do not need to worry, before hair removal, moisten your body with a mixture of clove oil, diluted with olive oil, before starting About half an hour, but not noticeable should not leave the oil on the body for a long time, because it may cause some people.

For hair removal, you should prepare the following recipe:

Mix a suitable amount of clove oil and olive oil. Leave the mixture for a week in a sealed container. Use it, paint on the body and leave for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes, wipe the towel and start the hair removal process.Types of carnation

We do not have to deal with cloves in large quantities because the results may be adverse, including:

  • May lead to allergies and rashes.
  • Frequent use of clove oil on the skin may lose its sensation over time.
  • Eating it in large amounts may cause a severe drop in some because it lowers blood sugar.
  • It has some side effects such as feeling dizzy and nausea.
  • Contains the substance Eugenol, which represents a real risk with surgery because it may lead to bleeding, and may cause poisoning and damage to some tissues.

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