Choking and Overcoming Threats Threaten Our Children

The risk of warming and suffocation babies and newborns all over the house, a real danger from the bedroom to the car. We all need to protect the lives of our helpless young people from these entanglements all over the house. By taking some simple measures, which do not cost us much, but may save our children’s lives.

Home hazards should be banned.

* Shopping bags, plastic bags and garbage bags, throw them into a knot, and throw them into the bottom of the trash bin as soon as possible once they are finished.

If you have a cover, use a safety lock to keep the box open, even if you close the lid and make sure that there are holes in the bottom of the box or in the cover.

* Highchairs for “feeding the baby” or carts, or children’s wheelchairs, small cars and light vehicles. If the child slips while sitting in one of these vehicles, and hangs his chin in any metal slide or opening, it can injure a serious wound. Therefore, you should be careful to provide safety measures as well as the presence of safety brakes.

* Dryers, ovens, refrigerators Care must be taken to buy latch can be easily fitted, to prevent babies and curious children from climbing into these devices.

But what can I do if my child is exposed to one of these dangers?

* Situation.

The tape in any of the stuffed toys wraps around the baby’s neck strongly, and almost suffocates him.

* What you should do.

Loosen the tape and pull it slowly. If it is tightly wrapped on the baby’s neck, cut it immediately with scissors while taking care not to move the child’s neck as much as possible. If you notice that he is not breathing, call the ambulance immediately.


If the head of the child is stuck between the pillars of the stairs or the porch.

* What you should do.

Move your baby’s head and neck gently so that the air supply does not stop to the body, do not try to push it or pull it, so as not to cause the head or neck wound, and use your arm and feet to bend the bars enough to remove the head of the child. If you can not, call immediately.

* Situation

Your baby or toddler found a plastic bag and was able to pinch it and wrap it around his neck.

* What you should do.

Quickly, tear the bag from the front of the nose and mouth, and lift it completely off the head and around him, if you notice that he is not breathing, call the ambulance immediately .

* Situation

When you change your baby’s clothing, hang his head in the collar of the dress, posing a risk of suffocation.

* What you should do.

Try to pull the dress back down quickly and if you do not find it difficult to cut the collar with scissors.

Safety in the cradle.

Most occurrences of choking occur in infants’ bedrooms. Here are some tips to help protect your child.

* Always keep the baby’s back on the back, because this situation limits the chances of suffocation.

* The distance between the poles or bars of the cradle, should not exceed six centimeters. This can be tested by passing a “soft drink” metal tray, if passed, the cradle is not fit. Make sure that the distance between the columns and the “arranged” mattress is not more than two fingers.

* Do not use a mattress with holes in the corners or in the upper and lower panels, so that your child’s clothes do not hang.

* Remove any soft furnishings or toys from the cradle, including cushions and cushions, and make sure the soles fit perfectly and do not move easily.

* Do not use ribbons, cords or threads to hang toys in the cradle or between the columns. Remove any rubber ties or ropes that carry toys, which are mainly in the cradle, or contain toys.

* Do not hang the cards around your baby’s neck in any way. He removed the bra around his neck, to protect his clothes from food, around his neck before putting him in the cradle to sleep.

* Put the child’s cradle away from the windows. The child can pull the rope around the neck and wrap it around the neck. If you have to, wrap the curtain ropes around in a high position that your child can not reach.

Family bedding risks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns of the dangers of suffocation, which threaten infants and newborns who sleep in a family bed.

Here are some tips to protect your child.

* Do not put baby or new baby on soft surfaces, such as seats or seats, so as not to slip.

* If your child is sleeping next to you in the family bed, remove any cushions, cushions or bedding, and make sure the soles are steady and moving.

* Do not allow your baby to sleep in your bed, if you are taking drugs that cause you to sleep, such as hypnotic drugs or you are too much movement because it is possible to grow up without your awareness.

* You can buy a cradle that can be attached to the bedding, so that your child has a safe place to sleep, and at the same time lying next to you, without being exposed to the dangers of suffocation under blankets and bed linen family.

Risk of auto funds.

Many children die every year because they enter the boxes of their own volition as a kind of play, which causes them to be trapped inside. So we have to make sure that our cars and boxes are closed even if the car is parked next to the door of the house. The car is out of the reach of children.

The most important thing is that you enjoy your mother’s safety while taking care of your baby’s safety.

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