Chocolate diet for weight loss without deprivation

What is chocolate dieter? In contrast, most women love chocolates of all kinds, but to keep them healthy and healthy, they deprive themselves of chocolate in return for losing weight.

But what you should understand, Madam, is that not all kinds of chocolate may ruin your diet

There are three types of chocolate  :

– dark chocolate: containing 70./. Of cocoa, flannel, low sugar, and fat free. The higher the cocoa content, the more nutritious it is.

– Brown chocolate: Contains high percentage of fat, sugar and milk with a small percentage of cocoa

– White chocolate: Does not contain cocoa, only high milk and fat and sugar, so it is less consumption because it is less useful.

Health and fitness experts have recognized the importance of dark chocolate in providing a nutritional balance of the body, as well as a good element in dieting or dieting for loss of kilograms without frustration, given the availability of flavonoids and types of antioxidants. Low sugar, tritophan, serotonin and dopamine as neurotransmitters in cocoa beans , And allow to stimulate the psychology and reduce the proportion of depression, all these substances and factors contribute to the closure of appetite.

– Some useful information in chocolate raisins:

– When you follow the chocolate diet for 7 days you will lose my lady equivalent to 2 kg per week

– Consumption of dark chocolate about 10 kg daily supplemented with low-fat food, and sugar

– Stay away from eating chocolate at night so preferably in the early hours of the day calculated rate of burning fat

– Exercise as walking about half an hour a day

– Drink water by a large percentage

– Respect for the time of each meal and avoid snacks with the use of brown bread roasted low sugar, low-fat milk, dried fruit diluted, cereals, grilled foods 000

– Example diet chocolate  :

Chocolate program

As for chocolate, my lady can be sober in the way she takes it, but be dark chocolate every single day of your choice.

– Divide the piece from 10 kg to 3 equal pieces between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

– Dissolve chocolates and use them over fresh fruit.

– Add dark cocoa to low-fat milk and preferably cool.

– Breakfast

A cup of low fat milk and one fruit

A cup of tea or coffee without sugar and toast

– Biscuits.

– boiled egg with a baked brown bread.

– In lunch

– Grilled fish with pickled salad and cucumber

150 grams turkey or grilled turkey sauce with tomato salad.

– Lentil soup or cabbage soup with vegetable salad.

– Grilled dish with slices of pepper and 4 lemon carrots.

– in dinner

– Salad of boiled vegetables and apples.

– Low salt soup.

– Chicken soup with banana.

– Wheat flakes with low-fat cheese.

– Fruit salad or natural yoghurt.

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