Children from 1 to 11 years of age

The problem of obesity in children these days is a real danger to their health, especially with the emergence of fast foods and unhealthy foods such as chips, soft drinks, ice cream and others, which is a real danger to the child in the future, we offer children to help solve the problem before inflation.

What foods should the child eat?

– The child should eat light foods and fresh natural drinks throughout the day and healthy foods such as vegetables, healthy meat and fish proteins so that the child does not develop anemia.

– Most of these foods, such as fresh vegetables and boiled and grilled foods, cause suffocation for the child because he often likes to eat fast foods rich in saturated fat for easy handling, unlike other foods that exert effort in chewing.

– The mother must be patient with the child from the age of one to two years and start to give the child simple foods and patience to chew it and not to give him fast foods, such as biscuits and mulatto and others because he will get used to it and hate it else must start vegetables and give him from Age of a year with breastfeeding.

– Pay attention to the number of calories given to the child, some mothers are keen to feed their children heavy foods and many on the pretext of growing and increase its activity, but this unfortunately the cause of obesity for the child is a great attention must be paid.

– Never tell a child about food if he does not want an old one a week later. Children can complete their food through breastfeeding.

– Tips for feeding the baby from 6 years old to 11 years old:

– Start to provide healthy foods low-fat fruit, vegetables and meat free of fat and chicken free of skin and fish.

Avoid high-fat foods such as potato chips, biscuits and cake made from all fast foods.

– Start by selecting protein foods, cheese, peanut butter, fat and processed meat.

– Providing food to the child and is on the dining table not in front of the television and not the computer.

– Do not give the child food only when feeling hungry.

Child’s Diet:

Diet depends on the age of the child and weight and the level of activity, which mostly contains the fruit and vegetables, such as blue color spinach, broccoli, lettuce and cabbage and provides a cup of juice or a cup of paper vegetables.

Cereals that a child loves to eat whole grains just like half a cup of brown rice, oatmeal, corn flour, or small pieces of bread.

Dairy products Two tablespoons of hard cheese, a cup of low-fat milk and a skimmed yogurt cup.

Non-fat meat and chicken without a skin phrase or simple meal either steak or a clove of chicken breast.

Protein includes one egg or a small burger cup.

Unsaturated fats such as oil and liquefied oil in small amounts.

The child who is suffering from obesity must be treated with special care and with the adherence to the previous quantities of food. The child’s activity is usually controlled in the food given to him so do not expose the child to hunger.

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