Child tooth decay Learn about sphincter and how to prevent it

Caries in children is more annoying to the mother on her child. The cause of tooth decay in children is usually not just sweets or chibes, but the child’s nutritional habits that are raised on them contribute greatly to the appearance of dental caries for children.

But what are the causes of tooth decay in children and how can children avoid tooth decay? “Your health today” provides you with a summary of the causes of tooth decay and treatment of children naturally.

One of the most common causes of tooth decay for adults and young people is the presence of food residues between teeth for long periods, which is an opportunity for the growth of bacteria and the appearance of caries on the teeth, the survival of food for long periods in the mouth of the child without a lotion helps the emergence of tooth decay in children, Talking to children The treatment of tooth decay may be more complicated later.

Breastfeeding of children with artificial or domestic milk or drinking juice should be followed by washing the mouth directly so as not to accumulate the residues of sugars on the teeth and cause decay, the mother should give the brunnona to the baby to wipe the child’s mouth with a piece of sterile gauze.

In the case of children over Sentsen, who drink a lot of drinks, the effect of the effects on the liver, diabetes and osteoporosis, as well as the effect of soda on the teeth of the teeth in the child.

When your child is going to school, you should be compensated for washing the mouth with water after eating and not drinking the juice immediately after the food, and your child should brush the teeth as soon as he returns home, while maintaining a visit to the dentist to check the teeth of the child periodically.

Determine the number of small meals that your child can eat, such as a small meal before food and before dinner. These meals should include fruits or healthy foods while keeping your child’s teeth during the day by teaching the child to brush teeth. If you give your child some kind of candy after a basic meal It is best to have it immediately after the meal. You should set specific dates for your child’s meals and always eat those meals at the dining table.

Fruits rich in vitamin C, such as lucifia, oranges and kiwi, do not contain high calories, which helps protect your baby’s teeth from decay and protect the gums as well.

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