Chemicals in world-renowned “diapers”

Over the past few days, France has been studying a study showing the presence of dangerous chemicals in some international brands of diapers.

The French media have covered the news widely, especially after France’s Food Safety Agency warned of risks to infants’ health from certain chemicals in disposable diapers.

While three French ministries (Health, Economy and Environmental Transition), Wednesday (January 23, 2019), pointed to the absence of a “serious and serious risk,” in a joint statement of “manufacturers and distributors to cut commitments within 15 days to eliminate these materials of diapers .

According to the Food Safety Agency’s warning, “no epidemiological data allows a link between health effects and nappy status”, and there is no evidence that 95% of French children’s diapers are harmful to health.

“We can not rule out a danger because we can see that we have crossed the border with a number of materials,” the agency’s managing director Gerard Lassfard told AFP.

It is noted that these substances include two aromatic types as well as types of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons sometimes caused by “cancer”, dioxins and chemical furan compounds.

In its first global assessment of diapers, the agency adopted laboratory analyzes of data covering 60 million consumers.

The Agency assessed potential risks in realistic conditions of use.

The three ministries noted that in addition to the pledges to be made within 15 days to “eliminate these substances from diapers”, manufacturers and distributors “must take measures as soon as possible to ensure the safety of products in the market.”

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