Cesarean delivery or natural delivery

As the end of pregnancy approaches and the new baby is eagerly waiting, many women begin to think about the nature of the birth, especially with the first pregnancy. Will the birth be normal or a caesarean section ?

Birth Nature is easy and has few complications

Usually with the approaching birth time occur contractions in the uterus, which causes some pain to the carrier and be at intervals and less with time of those periods and all these indicators indicate that the birth will be normal where the pains of birth or what is called from the hours of hours to 12 hours and increase pain , Birth is nature easier than caesarean section and increases the immunity of the child born and recover from the pain of postpartum quickly reversing Caesarean.

Caesarean section is painful but sometimes necessary

The resort to caesarean section when the birth of nature is not possible in some cases , such as to be the status of the child in the womb is not suitable for the birth or nature of pre – eclampsia or not to open thedoor of the womb at birth , which summoned resort to Caesarean delivery .

The caesarean section is delivered through the abdominal cavity to remove the fetus. The caesarean section does not take long. The mother needs more care after cesarean section due to some pain due to the operation, especially the medicine, comfort and rest, with attention to health food and attention to the work of blood tests to prevent the occurrence of anemia after childbirth , And the doctor often determines the type of birth to be normal or caesarean in the last week of pregnancy.

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