Cautions should be avoided before the process of “teeth whitening”

Recently spread the phenomenon of teeth bleaching using many means, such as laser or bleach, is it suitable for all types of teeth? What are the situations that require this process?

Questions answered by Dr. Mei Amjad, a dental specialist at Cairo University, said:

At the beginning we should know what are the conditions that call for the procedure of bleaching teeth which are suffering from a significant change in color due to many factors, including drinking greedily or smoking or neglect in cleaning teeth.

She added that it should be known that after this process must stop completely from the practice of causes and habits that caused the change of color of teeth, where the bleaching is not a preventive process of color change, but easy to pigmentation of treated teeth again and very easily.

After bleaching, the teeth suffer from allergies due to the removal of a layer and reduce the sensitivity after a period of fluoride use, which is used as compensation for the layer that has been removed.

It should be noted that there are some cases that do not fit with the procedure, which are cases that suffer from a change in the composition of the teeth themselves and thus change the color. These cases are treated in ways other than bleaching.

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