Causes that prevent hair growth and must be avoided

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The hair is a type of hair that is very similar to the skin and consists of several layers of psoriasis and flat cells in the form of protein keratin; the importance is in this article that gives the hair shaft strength and structure, it should be noted that the human body hair coated in all parts except soles The hair, the eyelids and the rest of the hand, and the multiple types of hair in one body; it is the hair of the glands and androgens, and unique each type of these species that have a specific cellular structure distinguish it from others and has special characteristics accordingly, and due to the many reasons that prevent naturally; Identify Z these reasons and the most important ways to get rid of them and avoid them to get healthy and long hair.

Stages of hair growth

Hair growth stages are divided into three main stages:

This stage starts from the papillae of the hair to divide the cells in them to generate and produce new fiber poetic. The bulb begins to encircle itself under the skin layer to feed the ring, and this stage may be up to about 8 years depending on the genetic factors and genes affecting it, It is worth noting that 85% of the total head hair is in the growing stage over a certain period of time.

The body initiates a series of signals as a means to determine the end date of the first stage of hair growth, which is growing and an announcement to move to the stage of regression to allow the horizon in front of the bulb to renew itself in a period of time may be up to 14 days, and during this stage hair follicles to shrink on the margin of disintegration of papillae The hair follicle begins to enter the phase of deprivation of blood supply and food, the length of the bulb in the meantime to about one sixth of the original length by pushing the hair shaft to the top, it must be clarified that the hair during this stage is not in the growth stage, but fiber Final They grow taller and help push the bulb upward.

This stage of hair growth is also referred to as the comfort phase. Both the bulb and the hair are in a dormant and stable period of between 1-4 months at least. The hair growth rate at this stage is 15% maximum; Is waiting for the start of the stage of growing again to complete the growth more, and at this stage the new hair shaft to push the old hair in preparation for growth in place; thus the process of hair loss occurs naturally.

Causes of hair growth prevention

In spite of the normal routine of hair growth in our lives, there are many reasons behind the prevention of hair growth; it must be read to avoid as much as possible:

  • Having a bad diet lacks the essential elements your body and hair need.
  • Lack of interest in the issue of cutting the ends of hair continuously, it is necessary to cut the ends of hair every 6 months.
  • The excessive use of heat-drying tools, such as fissures and iron, as damage and damage to hair greatly and prevents growth.
  • The use of chemicals frequently, the use of materials and coloring affect the growth of hair significantly negative.
  • Exposure to stress, insomnia and tension.
  • Lack of hair care completely, lack of application of moderation and the necessary prescriptions exhausting hair.
  • Lack of drinking water from the required limit.
  • Subject to chemotherapy.
  • Hair problems such as alopecia and baldness.
  • Follow food diets to lose weight wrong and unhealthy.
  • Genetic factors play a major role in increasing or preventing hair growth in humans.
  • Subject to surgical procedures.
  • Menopause and discontinuation ; this changes the female body hormones.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • The incidence of a health problem, the most important: lack of protein, autoimmune diseases.
  • Aging.
  • Loss of many kilowatts in a short period of time.

Ways to increase hair growth

To avoid the problem of preventing hair growth and motivating it to grow naturally, the following should be followed:

  • Minimize the use of thermal drying tools.
  • Refrain from combing hair wet.
  • Stop dye hair repeatedly.
  • A balanced diet provides hair with the essential elements it needs to grow.
  • Drink enough water, at least 8 cups daily.
  • Take care to exercise regularly.
  • Keep away from smoking in all its forms.
  • Minimize hair stenosis.
  • Do not over-comb hair.

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