Causes of tingling for women

Causes of tingling for women A common complaint among many women since ancient times is breast pain, which some women experience the sensation of pricking in the breast once in their lives by 30% to 50%, of course vary the intensity of tingling between women, Many cases do not require medical intervention and the pain is eliminated on its own, but in other cases does not disappear pain and tingling automatically while increasing the rate of pain, but accompanied by other symptoms such as: swelling of the breast or redness, and in some cases also accompanied by the symptoms of discharge from it.Mother Breast

It is a member of the body of the female. Its main function is to feed the infant, which consists of the adipose tissue and the milky glands. The milk is extracted through the holes in the nipple. The proportion of the adipose and adipose tissues varies among the women. Some studies have shown that the proportion of adipose tissue in the breasts of menopausal women is greater than the proportion of glandular tissue, and changes the shape of the breast according to the age factor, and the subsequent hormonal changes, as the hormone (estrogen) is a major factor in influencing the growth of breast size.

  • It is a natural symptom experienced by most women around the world. In this case, the percentage of pain from moderate pain to severe pain varies, and these symptoms fade away. Gradually during or after the end of the menstrual period, pain does not call in that case any concern, and can increase the proportion of pain associated with the menstrual cycle gradually with the advancement of women and age of menopause.
  • The other condition is that the pain and feeling of wogs are not related to the menstrual cycle and there is no logical synchronization between them. The feeling of surprise is surprising. In this case, the pain rate is more severe and the woman may experience acupuncture and burning pain in one or both breasts. The pain increases when you touch or move the breast, and the pain in that case may be restricted to the breast area only, while in other cases the pain may be multiple in the body and not in the breast alone.

One of the signs of early pregnancy known as non-stop menstruation is the feeling of breast pain and gradual change of shape and size of the breast, and these symptoms are likely to appear after about a week of pregnancy, and this occurs depending on the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy such as the effect of hormones estrogen and progesterone, which help the glandular tissue to develop Growth is ready for operation . The blood flow in the body to the breast area gradually increases with increased pregnancy hormones for the female, and it is possible to feel some pinching in the nipples.

In the periods of menstruation and ovulation occur many hormonal changes, which in turn have a significant impact on the breast, and cause those changes the feeling of pain or acupuncture and feeling the swelling of the breasts.

The uterine coil is used to stimulate women in menopause and its harmful effects are the possibility of tingling in the breast at times.Breast tingling for women

The function of muscle cartilage is to connect the rib to the axial skeleton, and inflammation of the sternum can lead to a feeling of breast pain and a sense of tingling in the breast in women. The severity of the pain varies depending on the degree of injury to the inflammation.

It is possible that when the chest is hit hard, many tissues are damaged or the breast is exposed to tics, which in turn causes severe tingling or pain depending on the damage associated with the stroke. The breast may also be exposed to a change in pressure due to different inflammatory responses, These connective tissue injury or muscle tissue damage.

A breast sac is a mass of liquid that is formed in the breast and can be removed by some surgeries.

Breast surgery can have a significant impact and can cause tingling and pain in the breast area, such as breast augmentation or shrinkage or other cosmetic procedures. A nerve may be injured in the breast during surgery and most of the damage is temporary. Tingling sensation and some painful infections.

There are many medications that accompany side effects. There are more than 400 different drugs whose side effects may cause pain or tingling in the breast area, depending on the hormonal changes associated with them. Examples include anti-depressant drugs and birth control pills.

The excretory tubes are the tubes adjacent to the nipple in the breast. These tubes are likely to become infected, resulting in an involuntary discharge from the nipple and pain in the breast.Breast cancer

One of the most serious diseases that can affect the breast is breast cancer, and symptoms of breast cancer is the emergence of a block in the breast area, accompanied by those symptoms swelling of the size of the breast and increase the thickness and the drop of blood secretions of the nipple, and the primary signs of breast cancer is the feeling of women tingling In the breast area.

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