Causes of tightening back muscles

Causes of back muscle cramping Sometimes, back pain is caused by severe cramping, called cramps, and convulsions have a variety of causes and home remedies that can be applied to relieve pain. Many people have sudden spasm in the back, a muscle contraction that causes difficulty in Movement and severe pain, what are the causes of these convulsions and how to overcome them?Causes of tightening back muscles

Back pain occurs for several reasons such as:

  • Weakness in the tendons and muscles of the back: and  thus easy to be affected by any excessive stress or problems such as infections.
  • Wrong movements:  sudden person, whether sitting or sleeping in the wrong way as well as carrying heavy weights or objects improperly.
  • Take some medications to treat diseases:  such as anemia drugs, diabetes medicines and cancer drugs, which can cause pain, inflammation and weakness in the bones and joints.
  • Nervous disorders:  Frequent spasms that occur in the back indicate a defect or related nerve problem.

The symptoms of back cramps are:

  • Severe pain in the back:  These pains may extend to the neck area and headaches in the head.
  • Difficulty in motion:  The patient is forced to stay in a curved position to avoid further pain.
  • Tingling and tingling in the back:  These may be accompanied by a feeling of numbness in the same area.

Causes of tightening back muscles

There are a variety of ways to do when you have spasms, including:

You must respond to the body’s requirements for rest and immobility until the pain caused by convulsions is reduced.

Relaxing on the bed is preferred slowly and the body stays steady for a while, breathing deeply, and it is recommended to lift the legs on a pillow to reduce pressure on the spine.

Cold compresses effectively eliminate back cramps, which are placed on the place of injury while lying on the abdomen, preferably with the help of someone in the home.

Cold compresses reduce inflammation that causes convulsions, and help relax muscles and reduce contractions.

If the cold compresses are not available at home, you can bring a towel and put some pieces of ice in it and place them on the area of ​​infection for 15 minutes.

It is recommended to repeat these compresses every two hours at most from pain to sleep, and can be done the next day if pain persists.

If the pain decreases and the muscles relax, warm compresses can be performed on the spasms, which will relieve the pain completely.

Heat helps to increase blood circulation, thus heating the muscles and reducing pain.

To apply the warm compresses, the towel is soaked in warm water, then squeezed and removed from the excess water and placed on the area of ​​the infection for 10 minutes, taking care not to be exposed to cold air so as not to cause inflammation of the bone again.

Warm compresses can be replaced by a warm bath and watering on the spasms in case of the ability to do so.

It warns against using hot water because it can cause swelling and swelling in the back.

Massage the area of ​​the injury gently contributes to the relaxation of the muscles and rid of convulsions, which improves the blood flow in this area of ​​the body.

Some oils can be used in massage work, such as   or after heating a little.

The massage is done for 10 minutes by a family member, then put a warm towel on the area for another 10 minutes.Causes of tightening back muscles

To avoid spasms of back, it is recommended to follow these things:

Exercise helps to relieve convulsions, relax muscles and elastic joints, reducing the chances of back cramps.

The most important sports that help maintain the health of the back and bones, swimming, and resistance exercises and elongation.

It is the most common cause of back pain, such as carrying things in the wrong way and sudden movement.

Sitting in a certain position for a long time leads to convulsions, so the body must be moved and the situation changed from time to time.

This also applies to all parts of the body. Direct coldness of the cooling devices leads to inflammation of the bones and convulsions.

It is also not necessary to go directly in cold weather after being in a hot place, especially after bathing because this will cause inflammation also.

It will strengthen bones and joints and reduce the chances of being affected by any diseases.

The fruit is one of the most important foods that must be included in the daily diet to contain the large amount of nutrients and vitamins needed by the body.

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